January 2017

January 1 · 

Celebrating the new year like only three toddlers can: this is the “party” they just hosted. They weren’t sure they were going to invite me, but they set a timer and decided I would be an eligible guest after the timer expired. But then they warned me not to touch anything. Just to look. It looks like their party would have been a bit too much for me anyway.

January 8 · 

Because the twenty minute trek to the park (and the hour it took to get us all dressed and out the door) is totally worth it for three tiny snow angels; a snow dog, a snow cat, and a snow baby; and ten minutes actually out in the snow #snow#triplets#toddlers#cityliving#thisisnotanallterrainvehicle


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This child was up UNTIL 1AM last night. And then again at 4. In the throes of our never ending bedtime routine last night, it was hard to remember just how adorable and lovable she can be. And so I am grateful for snapshots of these moments. Maybe she’s just training to pull the night shift at the hospital? Or preparing to be on call when she’ll need to wake up at a moment’s notice?

In an ironic turn of events, she and her brothers spent the entire morning “putting Daddy to bed.” Reading him stories, tucking him in, going to do chores, and coming back to check on him. So in case you were wondering, she knows exactly how bedtime is supposed to work 😜.


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A little Sunday morning work sesh. #familybusiness#rodanandfields#thisishappening


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January 16
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Sometimes they are willing to clean up after themselves. Sometimes. What did your long weekend look like? #toddlers #triplets #longweekend


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December 2016

Day one of Elf on the Shelf…

Jack: “That’s not a real elf. That’s a pretend elf.”
Henry: “Who got that for us? Who bought us the elf?”
Sophie: “It’s a present. Mommy and Daddy brought it last night.”

Apparently we have some Christmas magic to cultivate over here…

#whyarethesetoddlerssosmart #smartorcynical#wehaveourworkcutoutforus


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It’s an hour and a half past bedtime. Mom is home alone and needs to finish packing for a week’s trip for this family of five. We leave in the morning. So of course this is happening:


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Christmas Round One and Round Two: Success. And we still have two presents they haven’t opened. 😬😛😮

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Let’s try this again now that we’ve got some somewhat decent photos: Merry Christmas!

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If only that were a real vacuum.

For a deeper dive into Christmas 2016, check out the blog post from January: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas…or Two

November 2016

Apparently no one told the toddlers we were due an extra hour of sleep this morning. #daylightsavings #whenyourehungryyourehungry#whoturnedoffthesun


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Someone was feeling left out that he’d never had a trip to the ER. Feeling pretty croupy!


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More November updates (and details on our frequent trips to the ER) were posted in (close to) real time on the blog under “Preemie Strong.” Check it out if you missed it!

October 2016

Will and I got a babysitter. This is what they looked like when we left.


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Spoiler alert: Halloween costumes have arrived.


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Cousin ❤️


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Fun with cousins!! Missing them already…

It’s all fun and games until they all refuse to nap…


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She has finally succumbed to the weekend nap. Not exactly sure what I’ll do when her brothers wake up, but at least we know they’re capable of getting out of their cribs on their own.

Wrote two first quarter comments and created a conference sign up for parents. Sent an all-parent email and typed up this post. Who says you need two hands to type?

NOTE: Cries of, “I want to get out!” have just begun emanating from the nursery.


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We’re Baaaaack!

It has been a long time since I posted and even longer since I posted regularly. I know there are people out there who are wondering what Henry, Jack, and Sophie are up to, and I’m sorry to have left you hanging!

To be perfectly honest, this past year has been the most difficult one (for me, at least) in this life of raising triplets. Despite my struggle to get pregnant, my high-risk pregnancy, and the scariness of pre-term labor and long NICU stays, this year, from two-and-a-half to three-and-a-half, has been even more challenging.

A big part of that was sleep deprivation. Whether it was the introduction of potty training, the transition to toddler beds, or some other unidentifiable and underlying cause (just toddlerhood in general?), our incredibly predictable (and rather efficient) bedtime routine went complete haywire this year, and the effect was six months of bedtime dawdling times three, followed by night after night of unpredictable but persistent wake-ups. I feel like we tried everything (though there is so much literature out there on bedtime, I’m certain we missed something). In any event, we struggled to score any reasonable duration of sleep (to say nothing of cumulative sleep) from approximately December 25 until June 17. And should you need reminding, sleep deprivation is a proven means of torture.

Now that we’ve eliminated the nap, filled our days with outdoor activities, and yes, enjoyed a few weeks of summer vacation, we are, *mostly* sleeping through the night, and we are, *mostly* more manageable human beings (I am talking about all five of us here).

There are other things that made this year trying in a way that infancy, or even the first half of the “terrible twos” wasn’t, but enough excuses already.

I have several posts “in the works,” but for now, I hope to get you up to speed with the numerous Facebook posts you may have missed this past year. If you do not follow me on Facebook, I am sorry I left you out of the loop for so long. If you do, I am sorry to be redundant.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Or Two.

merry-christmasA couple of weeks ago, as we were preparing to take down the Christmas tree, Jack turned to me with his big cheeks and puppy dog eyes and said, “Don’t take Christmas!” I gently explained that Christmastime was over (“Why?” “Because it’s January.” “Why?” “Because January comes after December?” “Why?”) and that we would get to have a tree and all the decorations again next year. Jack’s next query? “But can we keep the presents?”

There was an abundance of presents this year. You might even say there was an OVERabundance of presents. They didn’t ask for much. A doggie, a Milo, and a purple baby, to be exact, so when all is said and done, we could have had a much “simpler” Christmas, I am sure. But along with the stuffed animals, the costumes, the train set, and the pirate ship (more on that later), came family. An abundance of family, you might say. Henry, Jack, and Sophie get to do Christmas twice (and yes, that means more presents). But it also means two “Christmas Eves” with carols and Christmas jammies. And two Christmas mornings with bacon and stockings.

And two sets of grandparents, eight aunts and uncles (even if some were only there via FaceTime), dozens of cousins, great aunts, and great uncles, and one great grandma.

At dinner on Christmas night, Ann asked, “What was your favorite gift you ever received?” One of my sixth-graders had asked me this at the lunch table a few days before, so I was prepared. But honestly, I couldn’t remember a single gift I’d ever gotten for Christmas. (I went with the Playmobil dollhouse mansion which was a birthday present, if I recall correctly). And I wasn’t the only one who came up short. (I won’t tell you what Will’s most “memorable” present was. Hint: It was NOT his favorite.) And I know it is not because we’ve never received anything worth remembering. It’s just because our Christmas memories are shaped more by our traditions and the people we fill the holiday with than they are by the gifts we receive.

So this Christmas, while searching for gifts from Santa was a new (and popular) pastime, it was the time spent with family we will all remember:

Standing outside in our pajamas the weekend after Thanksgiving to see the trees on our street light up.


Prettiest block in Manhattan!


We should probably invest in a Selfie Stick. And some better lighting 🙂

Stopping by Operation Santa at Buckley help wrap presents for kids who are not as fortunate as we are to celebrate Christmas in such a big way.


Please excuse the blurry photo…it was a no nap sort of day!

 Moving aside all the toys we already own to make room for a big tree in the corner (this was Jack’s idea AND his job). Riding in the red wagon to pick out our tree from the tree stand on the corner. Don’t ask us how much it cost. Actually, do. It was hilariously expensive. Taking a trip to the hardware store to pick out a star for the top (and finding a bunch of other fun Christmas paraphernalia in the process…cookie cutters topped the list). Opening the box full of Daddy’s ornaments that Grammie sent (and in many cases, that Grandma and Grandpa made). Decorating our tree while Alexa (read: Pentatonix) sang PTX Christmas Deluxe Edition on repeat in the background.

Making gingerbread cookies and realizing afterwards that despite triple-checking all ingredients, Sophie was probably allergic to something in the sprinkles, and we couldn’t eat the rest of them. Have any of you ever tried to make gingerbread cookies with a two year old? How about with three? Hello, mess! Can you guess whose plate is whose?


This is the closest I could get to an “action” shot. It looks pretty contained at this point, but don’t be fooled. At one point, I was helping Sophie wash her hands in the bathroom sink (she still can’t reach), and Henry came running in “to get some more paper towels!” As he ran out, he said something like, “I made a mess, but I’m just cleaning it for you. I’m just cleaning it.” I found him in the kitchen, on a stool, cleaning up (re:spreading) the green food coloring off the cutting board. And muttering to himself, “It’s just a little mess. I’m cleaning it. I’m cleaning it.”

Searching each morning for Meatball, the Elf. He even made it to Nana and Grumples’ house!

Sure, one Christmas will fade into the next, and there will come a day when we’ll all ask each other, “Was that the year that it snowed? Did Peter and Jen make it that Christmas? Was that when Grammie’s Folly first arrived? And sure, we will probably remember this Christmas as the one that ended with one sleepless night and one stomach bug (not the same child either, so yeah, that was fun). But we will mostly remember it as the fun, festive, and family-filled few days we hope that Christmas will always be. And as we took down the tree, we talked about all the things we were going to miss until next Christmas rolled around. In the meantime, we’ve got a bunch of new toys to play with 🙂

Some highlights from under the tree(s):


Christmas Round ONE



Christmas Round TWO.


THIS is Grammie’s Folly.

Get ready for STRUM: The Remix. Album coming soon.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this Christmas a memorable one for Henry, Jack, and Sophie. As we took the ornaments down Jack bid them farewell, exclaiming, “Goodbye, ornaments! See you next Christmas!” before giving each one a kiss and laying it in the box. I know we have approximately 345 days to go, but I can’t wait to see his face light up when we open that bin again next year.