Almost a week old!

By now, all three peanuts are starting to gain back the weight they lost after birth, and Jack is our little fatso! He has already surpassed his birth weight, weighing in at 990 grams last night (15 grams more than he came in with). For those of you who never understood the metric system, that means he’s about 2 pounds 3 ounces. Sophie weighed in at 2 pounds 2 ounces last night, and Henry was battling back to 960 grams, or about 2 pounds. Henry is feeding better, but his appetite still doesn’t match his brother’s! Jack is getting ready to eat 3.5mL per feeding, and Henry graduated to a 3mL feeding this morning.


IMG_1006 IMG_0954 13722057193_4d66af221c_b


Henry’s lung is still partially collapsed, but this is pretty normal for a preemie his age, and it isn’t interfering with his breathing. He is still on the respirator with the larger CPAP tubes, but he seems content nonetheless. Yesterday’s X-ray looked good, so there’s no need to intervene yet. He likes to sleep on his back, legs splayed, although the nurses are trying to gt him to turn on his left side to help the lung open back up. He is a bit fussy, but Judy, his nurse, reports that today he is “behaving himself.”

IMG_0953 IMG_0961 13692940223_17351a83b0_b 13693217314_ee4f3becf5_b


As I mentioned, Jack is the fatso in the group. He prefers to sleep on his right side, and he can be very squirmy too! Today they decided he needed a little more time under the blue light (for jaundice) so he was rocking his shades.

IMG_0980 13692906055_56f3c92ef8_b 13692892813_7684f7a454_z 13676838873_85e982c64d_z


Sophie is also rocking her sunshades under the blue light, and she likes to curl up on her tummy. Yesterday, the respiratory therapist decided Sophie was ready for “the bubbler” like her brother Jack. The green tubes are much more comfortable, but Sophie has such a strong grip she can often be found pulling them out of her nose! She’s a mischievous one, for sure. Sophie also tried her hand at a pacifier yesterday, in the hopes that she’ll get the feel for sucking, since right now all of their feeding is being done for them through the feeding tube.

13722423894_7c60a20ca0_z 13695516775_6abefd6040_b 13695022193_fc8d911456_b  13693197164_91614cc7df_z


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