The First Few Days

Henry, Jack, and Sophie have been settling into their new digs at the Beth Israel NICU. Visits from Grumples and Nana (Gillespie grandparents) and Ann and Tom (yet to be named!) made everyone happy.

13677109243_1d683e8f48_z 13632198703_519c67e373_z 13632318013_d6607f7c8a_q

On Saturday, before being discharged from the hospital, I had my first skin-to-skin time with Jack, the process affectionately called, “Kangaroo Care.”

IMG_0959 IMG_0960

On Sunday, I had the chance to do Kangaroo Care with Sophie, and Will had his first cuddle with Jack! Henry is still hooked up to the bigger breathing tubes and with his collapsed lung, he needs a bit more oxygen than the others, so we haven’t snuggled him yet, but we can’t wait!

IMG_0970  IMG_0973 IMG_097213677748205_f3dfefe133_z


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