The Triplets’ Wild Ride

Because Henry, Jack, and Sophie were so eager to make an early appearance, there was no room at the inn when they arrived! The Mt. Sinai NICU was at 120% capacity that night with 54 babies already calling it home. Our little trio had to take their first ambulance ride just hours after they were born, and they were separated from one another for the first time! Will traveled with Jack down to Beth Israel, where the NICU staff was waiting. With the huge team of doctors and technicians, there was only room for one Strumolo triplet at a time, so over the course of the next few hours, Jack, Henry, and Sophie (in that order) made the trek downtown to Beth Israel and got settled in their new home. Will went with them while I recuperated at Mt. Sinai until I was ready for transfer the next day.


Waiting for the Ambulance on Fifth Avenue


Jack’s Wild Ride!


En route!


Jack getting settled at Beth Israel.


Sophie being admitted to Beth Israel




Henry settling in.

Henry settling in.


5 thoughts on “The Triplets’ Wild Ride

  1. Sending love to all five of you and cannot WAIT to meet the peanuts!
    How adorable! They just touch my heart.

  2. Welcome to the world Henry, Jack and Sophie! Sending lots of love and hugs! Can’t wait to meet you love bugs! xoxo Char Rayan Malik and Jemma!

  3. Wow – what an amazing blog. A lot of work to keep that up daily and I am sure all your real family as well as your Buckley family are very appreciative. Maybe you just miss school work? 🙂
    Well the Gerry family is thrilled for all of you and we can not wait to (eventually) meet Henry, Jack and Sophie! In the meantime, keep chowing and tanning, and puffing out those lungs while we keep you in our thoughts!
    Christina, Finn and Balin

    • Thanks, Gerrys! It is a bit cathartic to write it all down, and it helps us keep track of who is doing what! I think we are starting to be able to tell them all apart in photos when we’re not standing by their isolettes…I suppose it’s good that we get the hang of that now! I hope this blog will also make a nice “digital keepsake” for Henry, Jack, and Sophie when they get older. Glad you are enjoying it!

  4. Amazing! Everything about it. The blog is beautiful and informative – thank you for sharing your adventure with us! Can’t wait to show this to Pete and Teddy. The boys will be thrilled to see you tomorrow if you can make it. Congratulations again. Wishing you ALL the best. Jackie (and the boys – big Peter too)

    LOVE that they have their own .com address : )

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