Jack’s Bath

Tonight when we arrived at the NICU, Sophie was still sunbathing under her blue light – the “bili light.” This is essentially phototherapy used to treat jaundice. Jaundice is very common in preemies (and even full-term newborns get it) and is an excess of bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin gets processed by the liver, but because their livers are immature, they need a little help!


Henry was relaxing in his favorite pose, although he did open his eyes for a moment when we came to say hello. He had gained another 10 grams and was tolerating a bigger feeding — they’re trying to fatten him up so he can catch up to his brother, Jack. They are identical twins, after all!


Jack was taking a break from his bili light to freshen up. First, his nurse, Easter, weighed him on the scale, then she gave him a refreshing sponge bath. He was a little cranky about the whole thing, but I think he’s a bit of a cranky old man about everything.13728782744_3d42c74cf2_b  13736617124_abbab5406c_m 13736222645_a1f06b9c37_z

5 thoughts on “Jack’s Bath

  1. Dear Eleanor and Will: I am so happy to meet Jack, Henry and Sophie through your wonderful blog and so happy for you two. They are a gift. I love that Jack’s nurse is named Easter.

  2. Will and Eleanor, I love the blog updates. This is super special for a super precious and special time, the beginning of your children’s lives and your journey into the rewards and challenges of parenting. Glad to hear Henry is gaining on Jack. Sending lots of love your way.

  3. Thank you for sharing! I can not wait to meet the new additions. They are adorable!!
    Hugs to all,
    Little Hil

  4. Fun to see Henry’s favorite pose. He’s looking pretty chill. Their little personalities are shining forth already. I love hearing about them, Eleanor. So glad you are writing this.

  5. Dear Eleanor and Will,
    How very moved we are by the reports on the triplets. Now I find that Poppy and I count on a daily report. Our little great grands are always on our minds. Perhaps they will call us Poppy and Gee just as our grandchildren do.
    Glad Henry is making progress. In the first reports, I immediately noticed that he had not been held like Jack and Sophie Ann (I have to call her Sophie Ann to distinguish her from granddaughter Sophie – just like Addie and Addie Rose!). Glad to get the explanation and to know he is gaining catch up weight. We can’t wait to see them. We return from London on April 21st.

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