One Week Old!

The triplets are one week old today! Their gestational age is 29 weeks 1 day, if you prefer 🙂

All were doing well when we visited today. Sophie and Jack both came off the bili light, and Henry moved over to a smaller tube for his CPAP, which will make it easier to hold him. We are anxiously awaiting the moment! Whether or not we get to hold them depends on a lot of factors, like when they feed, who the nurses are, how much longer we will be there, etc. Today I narrowly missed an opportunity to hold dear Henry, but we look forward to holding him in the next couple of days!

Here he is in all his fidgety glory!


Henry’s favorite pose.


Learning to get cozy on his side.


Jack saying hello.


Sophie under the bili light


Sophie coming off the bili light


The lights are so bright!

2 thoughts on “One Week Old!

  1. Jumbie Beach, maybe!! They have the shades ready…

    And someone has the beginnings of restless leg syndrome like his dad!

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