Holding Henry for the First Time!


What an exciting day! When Ann and I arrived at the NICU this afternoon, Henry’s nurse Esther was ready to set us up for some Kangaroo Care. She couldn’t believe we’d never held him yet! Because he’d never been held, it took a while to sort out all of his monitors and wires, but once he snuggled in, he stayed cozy for a good hour or more. He is a brow furrower, just like his mother!13770799623_050187cc87_z



Jack was sleeping quite soundly, so we didn’t want to disturb him. He did get some time holding Ann’s finger, while he slept. Happy to hear his grandmother was there again!




Sophie, on the other hand was wide awake and very wriggly when we arrived. She had her eyes wide open and seemed eager to play. We didn’t manage to get any pictures of her bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, because as soon as her feed began, she fell fast asleep.


Other Excitement – Music Therapy and Umbilical Cord Stumps!

During our afternoon visits, the music therapists came to talk to us, and we were very excited about the prospect of so much music in our little trio’s lives so early on. Will and I have been singing them their own lullabies, and the music therapists plan to incorporate those lullabies into their sessions with the trips. There is also a studio where we could record ourselves singing the lullabies and then arrange to have the nurses play the recordings in their isolettes via an iPod. They shared some of the instruments they use to mimic the sounds of the womb, and they even started working on a lullaby version of “My Girl” — Will’s song for Sophie.

Henry’s songs: “Amazing Grace” (mine) and “Away From the Roll of the Sea” (Will’s)

Jack’s songs: “You Are My Sunshine” (mine) and “Chasing Cars” (Will’s)

Sophie’s songs: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (mine) and “My Girl” (Will’s)

On other news, Jack’s umbilical stump fell off. Feels a bit like a milestone, so we’ll count it as one.


Photos from yesterday: I found a way to label them earlier this morning (though it remains to be seen whether or not I will remember the process tomorrow!) so I couldn’t resist tacking them on here. Their names are in the top left corner. 

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3 thoughts on “Holding Henry for the First Time!

  1. I am so pleased and relieved Henry has gotten his time for a cuddle that lasted an hour! And music has become part of their tiny lives, as well it should! The tradition continues. I am now imagining the benchmark of reaching 3 lbs., probably some time off, and hoping it will be at same time for the three. Has Henry’s partially collapsed lung inflated? Great-grandparents, Poppy and Gee, send their love from London.

    • Sophie was 2 pounds, 2.8 ounces last night, so she’s surpassed her birth weight and is now on the road to gaining weight. Jack and Henry hadn’t yet been weighed when we were down there, but Will might get an update this morning. Henry had lost weight the night before and then wasn’t able to digest his entire feeding when the increased the amount, but they are going to try again. Within the first 10 days, they assure us weight loss is normal. I believe Jack had already surpassed his birth weight as of Monday or Tuesday. Henry’s lung is still not quite inflated, but it doesn’t seem to be causing him any breathing troubles, and the doctor said it was so minor that they opted not to even x-ray it. Fingers crossed that he’ll start eating more and gaining weight to catch up to Jack!

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