Equal Opportunity Kangaroo Care

Afternoon nap sessions

Because her brothers had been getting all of the attention the last two days, Sophie was first up on the docket for some snuggle time. When we arrived, however, all three Strumolo babies were getting ready for their one-week follow-up head sonograms, so their nurses, Judy (Henry) and Nancy (Sophie and Jack) worked out a plan so I might get to hold all three in succession while the ultrasound technician made her way from one baby to the next. Because Henry also needed a blood transfusion today, Judy decided he should go first before all the poking and prodding began.


Henry enjoying Kangaroo Care

Henry’s blood transfusion is very typical of babies this age. In fact, Dr. Fordjour mentioned on Wednesday that he was surprised none of the triplets had needed one yet. Henry had been looking a bit pale, and a check of his blood revealed that his red blood cell count was a bit low, so a transfusion was the remedy. Despite his squirmy demeanor, Henry was pretty much conked out for the entire procedure! If only I could have slept through the four times they tried to get my IV going in the hospital!


Meanwhile, Sophie was sound asleep, and very exasperated indeed. Jack, too, was enjoying his nap.





Jack was up next to be held while Sophie had her head sonogrammed, but he was snuggled in so deeply that we could get a good photo of his face! Finally, around 3:55 (all of this holding began around 1:45), it was Sophie’s turn. She was so content that it was difficult to put her back 45 minutes later, but all of this kangaroo care is a bit exhausting! You’d think just holding a teeny baby would require very little energy, but boy, was I tired. And hungry! So Sophie went to continue her nap in her isolette while we waited for Dad to arrive. I am so thankful to Judy and Nancy who were especially busy in the NICU today and still made time to arrange for Henry, Jack, AND Sophie to be held. While our three are a significant percentage of the 18 babies in the Beth Israel NICU, we realize they are not the only ones! Just the cutest ones, maybe. Just kidding. Sort of.

Later that evening…

Sophie sleeping soundly.


Jack waking up.


Henry, still snoozing and transfusing.







2 thoughts on “Equal Opportunity Kangaroo Care

  1. They are all so precious and no doubt the cutest ones in the NICU. I am not surprised either that kangaroo care (love this name) can be exhausting.

  2. We so count on the daily reports about Jack, Henry and Sophie Ann and are grateful for the full account. Hope that Henry gets a catch-up boost from the blood transfusion. it is good to know his struggle is normal and to be expected for preemie’s. We think of all five of you constantly from “across the pond” and send much love, Gee and Poppy

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