Aunt Addie Meets the Triplets!

The big event today was meeting Aunt Addie. Henry, Jack, and Sophie were all excited to meet their aunt–the first of many aunts and uncles they will come to know and love.


Addie Rose meets Sophie Ann for the first time.

Our afternoon began, however, with a double kangaroo care session! Identical brothers Henry and Jack each got some cuddle time. Henry with Will and Jack with me. Unfortunately, all four parental hands were occupied, so there are no pictures! It begs the question — how will we ever hold all three of these little loves at once? We are going to have to get creative, to be sure.

Not to be outdone, Miss Sophie (Chief Mischief Maker) put on a show for Will shortly after her brothers were returned to their isolettes. Here you see her wide awake: the idea hatches, and bit by bit she sneaks that tubing right out of her nose and into her mouth. And she’s not a bit sorry about it!

13831262543_584dde2aa0_b13831191185_e532f562ca_b 13831212263_5fcecf8f9e_b 13831556414_43476db0bb_b 13831227143_797775ddff_b 13831216985_b771591d22_b

Henry (Squirmy Squirmerson) seems to have trouble getting settled, and he is eager to scoot his little body out of his bed each time he lays down!

13831598394_d96d2803e1_b13831280523_dc11b5ec37_b 13831982693_87facd4081_b

Jack (Nickname Pending!) had a go at the pacifier today. Moments later he had tossed it out of his mouth. Perhaps we should call him Undersecretary to the Chief Mischief Maker?


Current Stats:

Henry : 2 pounds, 1.5 ounces (yesterday’s stats were incorrect: Henry weighed in at 940 gms or 2 lbs, 1.15 ounces). He is 10 grams up from yesterday

Jack: 2 pounds, 4.3 ounces

Sophie: 2 pounds, 4.7 ounces

Until tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Aunt Addie Meets the Triplets!

  1. Mom and Dad–after seeing the photos and hearing all you are doing, I am humbled. What a beautiful family you have created. I can see the small physical changes in each baby, and you have captured in detail all the other details of their unique personalities. What an adventure you have begun!! We send our love!

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