More Firsts

Today when we arrived, Henry had graduated to the “Bubbler” just like Sophie and Jack. He had also grown a bit pinker since his transfusion yesterday.


He is still very squirmy! One of the nurses remarked yesterday, “You’re so strong! Maybe you’ll be a soccer player!” We know one dad that was happy to hear that!

First on the agenda was some kangaroo care cuddle time with Henry. Once again, his nurse, Judy, was very helpful and accommodating! And once again, Henry’s brow was furrowed. We’re trying not to take it personally.



Later in the afternoon, Will had his first kangaroo care session with Sophie. She was perhaps a little skeptical at first, but she settled in quite quickly.


IMG_0012IMG_0016_3 IMG_0017_3 IMG_0013

When we met with the doctor today, she reported that all was going well. Henry had gained a little weight (he weighed in at 950 grams or 2 lbs, 2 oz last night), and so he is back up near his birth weight. Jack and Sophie have passed the 1000 gm mark and were both weighing in at 1020 gms last night. That’s about 2 lb, 4 oz, so they’re both gaining weight little by little. You can tell by the way their cheeks are beginning to puff out!



Making Mischief

Jack seems to have a bit of his sister’s mischievous streak. While Sophie likes to pull the tube straight out from her nose, Jack is attempting a new approach–pulling at the tube from behind. That’s one tight grip! A future lacrosse player, perhaps?



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