April 14th

The big news today was that Henry, Jack, and Sophie are all free of their central lines! No more IVs, just fortified milk in their feeding tubes. The goal is for each to gain .5-.75 ounce a day. So far, Sophie has risen to the challenge, gaining .5 ounces today. Henry gained 1.4 ounces from Saturday – Sunday, but he’s holding steady at 990 ounces today. Jack hasn’t gained any weight since Saturday, but his nurse thinks this is because he is so active.







Sophie (as you’ll see in the video below) is plenty active too, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting her weight gain. In any event, we made sure to give Jack some kangaroo care tonight. The research suggests this will help him gain weight!



Jack – alert and awake

Henry also got a little kangaroo care this afternoon. Sophie, though alert (and mischievous as ever) when we first arrived, promptly fell fast asleep and looked too peaceful to be disturbed!

So sleepy!







It seems that Sophie has been coaching Jack on the best way to remove the CPAP tubes from his nose. He was getting quite good at it this evening!

13847359043_fb6fe5ba59_z 13847359233_882851b63c_z



One thought on “April 14th

  1. Dear Mommy, Nana and Grumples came to visit today and told us it was your 30th birthday today. It’s our 30 week birthday, so I guess we can all celebrate! We love snuggling with you as your little kangaroos. Love Sophie, Jack, and Henry!

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