Aunt Hartley Comes to Visit!

Today was a busy day for the triplets with many visitors! Nana and Grumples came to visit, and Aunt Hartley came up from Virginia to see them for the first time. Despite all the excitement, Henry, Jack, and Sophie spent most of the day and night napping. Sophie barely even woke up when Nancy (her nurse) transferred her from her isolette to me for kangaroo care!


8 AM



9 PM

13884981015_5a8270e0db_z 13885055083_1a3897ce2e_z v13885048883_9372d2c626_m

The other excitement was that Sophie’s umbilical cord stump fell off. Henry’s next! There wasn’t much weight gain today, but we’re hoping that they’ll get used to the fortified milk and that the kangaroo care will start paying off so that their weight gain will pick up.



A gift from Margie Thorne: the entire Strumolo clan!


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