Two Weeks Old

Henry, Jack, and Sophie are two weeks old today! It is hard to believe it’s already been two weeks since they decided to grace us with their presence. All reports at the NICU today were about how well they were doing. The nurse practitioner on duty was thrilled that Sophie and Jack are over 1 kilo, and Henry is very close to catching up, weighing in last night at just about 1000 gm. Dr. Topsis even joked that soon they’re going to put Sophie on Weight Watchers, because she is a whopping 1085 gms! That’s 2 pounds, 6.3 oz in case you were wondering. Jack and Henry also gained weight today, weighing in at 2 pounds, 5.2 ounces and 2 pounds, 5 ounces, respectively.


Jack and Will

E.T.? Just kidding! The red light is Henry’s oxygen saturation monitor.


Sure, she looks like an angel now. Just wait…

Physical Therapy. We also met the physical therapist today, and she came to exercise the triplets’ arms and legs and to make sure they maintain their full range of motion. She will continue to work with Henry, Jack, and Sophie throughout their stay at the NICU–one of the perks of the Beth Israel experience! All three were amenable to their new exercise routine, but Henry seemed the most at ease. Totally awake and alert, and perfectly calm.


Henry after physical therapy


Sleepy Sophie


Skeptical Sophie

Kangaroo Care with Henry

IMG_1170 IMG_1171

Pacifier Practice

Sophie’s day nurse today, Cherry, commented on how obedient our little girl is. Little does she know! (See below for Sophie’s nighttime mischief).


Sophie is a pro!



Dozing off


Settling in.


Making mischief! That’s her nasal cannula (breathing tubes) around her neck like a necklace.


And we’re pretty sure she’s smiling about it!

5 thoughts on “Two Weeks Old

  1. That sure looks like a smile to me! Sophie can’t wait for the triple-fun birthday parties she and her brothers will have. Happy 2 week birthday to our beautiful little grandbabies!

  2. Wow! Busy summer!
    Balin and I spent a good 45 minutes catching up with the “trips” summer of fun and progress! Always love checking in on this blog – amazingly well done – not sure where you find the time 🙂

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