Reintroduction to Harry Potter

The results of this morning’s blood cultures were good — no transfusions needed today! Sophie and Jack each enjoyed a session of kangaroo care, and both are beginning to open their eyes and look in my direction.

Sophie also seemed to enjoy her pacifier — she is a skilled sucker already!



Henry was desperate to sleep on his tummy, despite Judy’s best efforts to give his belly a break and have him sleep on his left side. Here he is on his left side (much to his dismay)!



He’s a little happier on his right side with a pillow for support.


Jack getting some kangaroo care after missing out yesterday. Although it is probably just a coincidence, the nurses couldn’t help but wonder if the reason Jack’s vital signs started to dip while we were visiting with Sophie and Henry was good old-fashioned jealousy!



Our isolettes all dressed up with the blankets made by the volunteers. Pink for Sophie (naturally), blue for Henry, and green for Jack. That’s the system, and we’re sticking to it!


The Rogue Bludger

Some of you already know this, but before the triplets were born, Will and I had been reading Harry Potter to them each night before bed. This was one of their favorite (and busiest) times of day! So today, Will reintroduced Henry, Jack, and Sophie to Harry, Ron, and Hermione during his nighttime visit, picking up where we left off — Chapter 10 of “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.”




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