April 18th

A day off from work means Will and I got to spend most of the afternoon with our little peanuts. That made time for mommy kangaroo care with Henry and Jack (separately…we’re not quite there yet!) and some quality time for Sophie and Dad. All three are up to their max feedings at the moment (19mL over two hours), and we are just waiting for the boys to catch up to Sophie on the weight gain! Henry is gaining on Jack, so that’s a good side. Sophie had some trouble tolerating her feeding today, but you’d never know it from the playful pictures Will captured!

13907365486_708eeba2ab_z  13930370404_838ff8d88c_z  13930731885_d84beb40e5_z

When they weren’t snuggling up with me, Henry and Jack looked pretty cozy! Henry seems to be getting used to his left side, and both are opening their eyes much more. They still can’t see very var in front of their faces, and focusing on anything for more than a couple of seconds is exhausting for them, but they are beginning to look at us with what seems like some sort of recognition. It’s easy to forget that they are still supposed to be curled up inside my belly with their eyes shut — for another 10 weeks! It’s not wonder opening their eyes to look at things is such hard work.

13908283812_7374651a37_z 13931443523_3231c89f7b_z  13894338796_365f3a1139_z13906679866_176a8cfba8_z13907851092_52039ca693_z


Other news:

Henry’s umbilical cord stump fell off today – three for three! And I really don’t understand Sophie’s sleeping pose here, but I just had to post it. I think she is getting too much attention for her chubby cheeks and big round belly, and it is going to her head. Do we have a diva on our hands?



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