April 21st

Today we met with one of the doctors to discuss the triplets’ progress and prognosis. So far so good! All three have gained 140 – 145 grams since they were born 19 days ago, and they are neck-and-neck for total weight. Jack has finally caught up to Sophie, and Henry is trailing close behind.

Jack: 1125 grams (2 pounds, 7.6 ounces)


Sophie: 1125 grams (2 pounds, 7.6 ounces)


Henry: 1115 grams (2 pounds, 7 ounces)


Henry’s oxygen level had to be increased a bit, so they will continue to watch it, but the nurses and doctors believe this is due to nasal congestion. Judy is convinced he’s just causing trouble because he’d rather sleep on his stomach than on his side. Today, the music therapist stopped by while I was holding Henry, and he was treated to a beautiful rendition of “Amazing Grace.” During the serenade, the nurse turned his oxygen level down, and he saturated at 95-100% the entire time. He’s going to have to learn to sleep on his back sooner or later…and we are hoping it is sooner!


Happier on his tummy.







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