Weight Gain and Breathing Battles

Once again, everyone had gained some weight since yesterday. We are hoping this three-day trend continues! Sophie gained an ounce, Henry gained a little over an ounce, and Jack a half an ounce. They are 1155 grams, 1140 grams, and 1150 grams, respectively. It’s a tight race!


Today we had some ups and downs in the breathing department: Sophie was up –as of 4pm she had been off the CPAP (pressure to help her breathe through a nasal cannula) for nearly eight hours and was tolerating it with 95-100% oxygen saturation. All on her own! Huzzah!


Sophie trying to convince the nurses and doctors that she doesn’t need that silly breathing tube.



Henry was down — his oxygen had to be increased overnight, and he was having trouble maintaining a decent saturation (90-100%) throughout the day. We don’t yet know the cause, but the nurses and doctors are watching it closely and investigating a few possibilities. Judy, one of Henry’s favorite nurses, says Henry is “just being Henry.” Jack is holding steady, mostly unfazed by it all. He does, however, have a tendency to drop his oxygen levels whenever I am spending time with Henry. His nurses have begun joking that Jack is jealous!


“Why do you all keep insisting that I sleep on my side? I shall refuse to breathe properly until you put me on my tummy where I belong!”


“Much better, thank you.”

Note: now that Sophie has successfully convinced her nurses that she doesn’t need her nasal cannula, she is bent on removing the feeding tube from her mouth. She pulled it out twice today! Henry is catching on, and he too removed the feeding tube from his mouth today. Eager beavers! They will need those tubes for another few weeks yet, so I hope for their nurses sake that they grow out of this habit quickly.


“Now how do I get this feeding tube out?”

Kangaroo Care for Everyone!

Today was one of those rare days when the timing was just right, so everybody got kangaroo care care. Sophie even got a little music therapy, and the music therapist has informed us that due to multiple requests, she is now learning “Let It Go” — yes, the song from “Frozen.” Judy and I made a plug for “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” so you can probably expect a full-on Disney sing-along in the NICU come Friday.



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