Do We Have a Diva on Our Hands?

The title of this post can best be explained in photos:










Time to relax.


“Fine, I will do my physical therapy. If you insist. But I can’t be bothered to open my eyes while we do it.”


Ready for my close-up!

Henry and Jack 

The boys appear to take a slightly less dramatic approach to their repose.

IMG_1294  IMG_1309

Henry (above) seems to be doing a bit better since his transfusion. They were able to bring is oxygen support down, although he still needs a bit of help when he’s not sleeping on his belly. And for some reason he thinks it’s funny to misbehave (oxygen-wise) for a good long while every time he joins me for kangaroo care. I am not amused.

13999584082_ff33894924_z IMG_1304

Jack (above) was more alert today, but he too seems to be making a play to spend most of his day on his tummy. Despite his calm demeanor in these photos, Jack had his nurse, Vida, running back and forth all day today, sounding his alarm bells to remind her that he too would prefer to be on his belly.



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