Bath time!

Before we get to the baths, some early morning cuddles with the whole family:


Can you tell who is who?

Bath time!

On Thursday night, when we arrived, we had just missed Sophie’s bath. The nurses thought she was so cute in her tub that they had already texted me photos of our little naked lady by the time we got there. Those are some nice nurses! Tierney also promised she would wait for us tonight if we wanted to help give Sophie her bath.

IMG_0790_2 IMG_0804_2 IMG_0808_2 IMG_0810_2

Henry was also due for a dip in the tub when we arrived, so I had double the practice tonight. Taking a bath at their size is quite a production!  Will was busy holding Jack while I bathed Henry, so unfortunately the moment went undocumented. But here he is all happy to be cozy and clean before settling back into his warm bed for a lullaby and a little “Harry Potter.” Not a bad life, huh? Minus the lights and alarms and wires and the constant prodding and poking, of course.

IMG_0814_2 IMG_0815_2 IMG_0819_2 IMG_0822_2

By the time those two were bathed and ready, their 9pm feeding had rolled around and there was no time for Jack’s bath. He was going to have to have a midnight splash! But Jack wouldn’t get off that easy: he’s on the docket for a bath with Mom tomorrow! Instead, Jack enjoyed a visit with Will and some serious sucking time with his pacifier.


By the time we left, everyone was all tuckered out, snuggled up in their beds, having just heard the final chapter “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.”





One thought on “Bath time!

  1. Hi E and W: I am really enjoying reading your blog and getting to know Jack, Henry and Sophie through the pictures and anecdotes. Each day is a new adventure and experience. Thanks for including us all in it.

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