Aunt Jen Comes to Visit!

The triplets had another visitor today! Aunt Jen came up from Maryland to visit, and Henry, Jack, and Sophie were thrilled to meet another member of their enormous extended family 🙂


14023675442_e7d31bcdfe_z Aunt Jen meet Sophie


By the end of the afternoon, they were all tuckered out.

14025598271_bc1372d67f_b 14025391021_f6176dce34_b14028480535_277a18b015_b

Later that night…

Everyone had bath time at the same time tonight, and the nurses joked about what an ordeal it was going to be when we get home and it’s just the two of us trying to get everybody clean. Today I helped with Jack while Will observed Nurse Charlotte bathing Henry, and Nurse Ann made sure Sophie cleaned up nicely.

Jack’s Bath: 



Henry and Will took a field trip to Jack’s isolette and the two were reunited again (as if they could have forgotten each other!) while they were warming up after their baths. Unfortunately, we ran out of storage space on our phones, so there are no photos. Apple clearly never considered parents of triplets when they established the number of gigabytes to allot for photos. So, until tomorrow (when we’ve cleared out our phones), this is all we’ve got!

Story Time: “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” — the triplets have begun book three!


Note: If you don’t already know this, Will and I started reading “Harry Potter” to the trips before they were born. They went crazy in my belly every night when we settled into the story. We had made it halfway through “The Chamber of Secrets” when Henry, Jack, and Sophie insisted on an early arrival. Now, given their set-up in the NICU and our sensitivity to the fact that there are other babies and many nurses around who may not be interested in the adventures of Harry, Ron, and Hermione (unlikely, I know, but there are some haters out there), each of our three hears just one-third of a chapter each night in their isolette. We figure it will be a fun game when they get older to see if they can piece the story together…just kidding. But here you see that Jack heard the first few pages of “Prisoner of Azkaban,” and Sophie will likely here the last.




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