The Littlest Chelsea Fans in the World

I may be wrong, but if I had to guess, I would bet our trio of 31.5 week old (gestational age!) preemies are the youngest Chelsea F.C. fans in the world. Thanks to Uncle Joe, they are are outfitted and ready for their first game as fans. 14037429502_c66461d2b1_b

In other news, we had a low-key Sunday at the NICU.


Sleepy Sophie


Jack, practicing for Halloween as one of the three little pigs.


Henry, looking at Dad with a bit of skepticism. Perhaps he’s not sure about this whole Chelsea thing…

Sophie slept the day away, so it was her brothers’ turn to be awake and alert. And boy, were they determined to let us know they were awake! I swear they were in cahoots while setting off their oxygen alarms today. As soon as Henry’s would subside, Jack’s would start up. It went back and forth like that for the better portion of an hour. One of their first practical jokes as identicals…I am betting there will be many more to come!

14017513046_7635930023_b  14069509253_05ed2b1a39_b


One thought on “The Littlest Chelsea Fans in the World

  1. Uncle Joe can provide all the Chelsea FC shirts he wants…Arsenal FC is the only way to go, words spoken from a die hard Arsenal FC supporter in London!! Arsenal Triplet shirts on order!! Love all your blogs, the trips look happy, growing by the day and healthy. Big hugs to all of you. xx Little Hil

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