We Are One Month Old Today!







Can you believe these little munchkins are already one month old?

IMG_1013_2 IMG_1017_2 IMG_1015_2

Over the past month, Henry, Jack, and Sophie have experienced:

  • one eye exam each
  • two hospitals
  • three ambulance rides (between them)
  • four x-rays
  • eight visitors
  • and dozens and dozens of kangaroo care cuddles

In other exciting news, Henry was 3  tonight! Huzzah!

1 Month (32 weeks, 1 day) Stats: 

Henry: 3 lbs

Jack: 3 lbs 3 oz

Sophie: 3 lbs 3.6 oz

The nurse who admitted Jack to Beth Israel on April 2nd came in to celebrate his one-month birthday today. During a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday,” we snapped this photo. Here we all are, taking up an entire wall in the NICU. Zoom in if you can. See those Jellycats on top of their isolettes?


And the requisite photos of the babies with a cute stuffed animal. The color scheme should help you sort out who is who 🙂

IMG_1020_2 IMG_1019_2 IMG_1018_2

Some Favorite Photos


Henry’s Calisthenics. It’s important to stay in shape.


Is that a smile I see? It just might be..

On our way out the door, one last kiss goodnight for our sleeping monkeys.

IMG_1024_2 IMG_1023_2 IMG_1022_2

3 thoughts on “We Are One Month Old Today!

  1. Happy birthday and love to our beautiful little grandbabies, blossoming like the daffodils on the farm!

  2. Happy 1month birthday little pumpkins!! I can’t wait to visit you next week! Your Mommy and Daddy are taking such good care of you! We all love you:)
    Xo Bumbie

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