A Quiet Sunday with the Family

Now that we have our own room, our visits have become very calm and very efficient. With only one nurse tending to all three of our babies, it’s all Strumolos all the time!  There are no other distractions, so we can work around Henry, Jack, and Sophie’s timetables more easily. As soon as somebody stirs, he or she is ready to be snuggled. Yesterday afternoon, everyone was held for a good long stretch. Because Will and I were doing double duty most of the time, we missed out on a photo op for Jack, but he was snuggled, I promise!

Henry and Mom 

13923365537_2c8c93f65a_b 13923109800_3aa7d4b4ff_b


Sophie and Dad

14087175966_f421d0d3a1_b 14110641194_614aa5d1c2_b


Jack enjoying a nap in the meantime 

Three Little Peanuts

13923259347_6f9e8a266f_b  14106251242_0d3068c180_b 14085831336_35f610cc10_b

One thought on “A Quiet Sunday with the Family

  1. Dear Eleanor and will,
    Just figured out how to write a comment!!!! Love following the progress of the babes and it is amazing the difference in just a month!!! Can’t wait to meet them for real!! Xxxoooo

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