Feeding and Growing

It was another quiet afternoon in the Strumolo Suite at the Beth Israel NICU. All three trips made progress today and spent most of their time sleeping–just the way we like it!

Today’s stats:



weight: 3 lbs, 3 oz

feeds: 26mL per hour over 1 hour

oxygen: 22 – 24%



weight: 3 lbs, 7.6 oz

feeds: 31mL per hour over 1 hour

oxygen: 21% (room air); cycling off CPAP every six hours



weight: 3 lbs, 8 oz

feeds: 31mL per hour over 30 minutes + 1 bolus feed*

oxygen: 21% (room air); cycling off CPAP every six hours

Other news:

As you can see, Henry is tolerating his feeds well, even over the shortened 1 hour interval. Vida, the triplets’ nurse today, thinks he suffers a bit from reflux, which could be affecting his oxygen saturation. Her solution today was to offer Henry a pacifier while he fed (and while I held him). If the babies can manage to suck successfully, it forces their esophageal muscles to contract, pushing the milk back down the tube. Our Henry was a champ with the pacifier! His levels went up to 97 and 98% while he was sucking. Sleeping, feeding, and sucking all at the same time; Henry is a multitasker, just like his mom.

When we left tonight (after their bedtime story of Harry Potter, of course), all three were sound asleep once again. But don’t be fooled. While Henry was having his bath, his lungs were working well. And Sophie? Each time those CPAP prongs go back in her nose, she lets us know how she really feels about it. The girl can wail! As for Jack, he’s got a fair set of lungs on him too, I’m sure. When Henry began to cry during his bath, Jack (sound asleep in my arms), furrowed his brow and let out a little whimper. Sympathy cries, I suspect. He’s a sensitive little guy! Until tomorrow…

*A bolus feed still utilizes the feeding tube down their throat, but instead of an electric pump providing the milk at a specific rate, the syringe of milk is held above the baby to let gravity do the work.

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