Nana and Bumbie Came to Visit


Our big weekend included visits from Great Aunt Bumbie and from Nana and progress for all three on the feeding front. IMG_1132  IMG_1130 IMG_1131 IMG_1137 IMG_1134 IMG_1133


Jack: Jack is taking a shot at staying off CPAP, he is feeding (or attempting to) from a bottle once a shift, and he is receiving the rest of his milk through bolus feeds. He is exploring breastfeeding as well, and all of this action is making him sleepy (and fat)! He was 4 lbs 10.6 oz at Saturday night’s weigh-in.


Henry: Henry is trying his feeds over half an hour again, and he seems to be tolerating them. He is still getting a diuretic to help flush out any fluid he might have around his lungs, and his breathing yesterday was top notch! Another exciting milestone? He is 4 lbs 2 oz!! That’s nearly double his birth weight. And check out his pacifier skills in the video below. Happy as a clam!


Sophie: It is safe to say that Sophie is officially off her CPAP, growing like a champ, and working on her sucking, swallowing, and eating reflexes. She is trying her hand at feeding from a bottle twice a shift, and we’re making progress with the breastfeeding. At Saturday’s weigh-in she was bested by Jack, but she’s not far behind: 4 lbs 8.6 oz. I think most of it is in her cheeks!




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