Our Little Fashionista and Fashionistos!

Now that the triplets are in their bassinets, we’ve had some fun dressing them up. Sophie was the first up, not because she is the girl, but because we were honestly worried that her butterball belly might not fit in the preemie outfits too much longer. She wasn’t exactly thrilled about the process of getting dressed (what child is, really?) but once she was in this pretty little flowered number, she got so much attention from the nurses, she started hamming it up. Then of course all that action tired her out, and it was time for a nap.


Outfit courtesy of Jake Rosenbluth, Class VI-Strumolo. Thanks, Jake!

IMG_1117 IMG_1118_2Since then, Sophie has been tearing through two outfits a day, using up some of the boys’ clothes while she’s at it!



Jack, also rocking the Petit Bateau preemie line. Thanks, Rosenbluths!



Henry, feeling camera shy in his stegosaurus get-up.

Not Petit Bateau if you hadn’t guessed. Sophie was particularly greedy the other night and found herself wearing Henry’s outfit! Fret not, Jake, we will have it washed and on Henry in no time.


These three munchkins had a very busy weekend with lots of visitors and lots of progress. More on that tomorrow!


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