Three Babies at Once!

Today was a pretty big day.







IMG_1145 IMG_1149 IMG_1151

I’ve been waiting seven and a half months to to this!

After all of that snuggling, we were all pretty tired (myself included)!

IMG_1152 IMG_1153IMG_1154

We also had our family meeting with the doctor, nurse practitioner, nurse, and physical therapist today, and the big takeaway was what superstars these three munchkins have turned out to be. We of course love them either way, but it’s always nice to hear the medical professionals tell us that our eager little trio is essentially ahead of the game (since biologically speaking, they’re considered three months behind the game)!

More of: We’re Getting Pretty Good at this Parenting Thing!

Diapers changed today: 5 (a far cry from the 24 – 30 dirty diapers we are likely to encounter each day when they are home, but we’re getting there)

Temperatures taken: 4

Babies snuggled: 3 ( x 3 times each for a total of 9 snuggles)

Feeds given: 3

Baths given: 1

Pacifier Practice: 

Jack was too tired for his pacifier tonight, but Henry and Sophie each had a go. Will taught Henry how to hold his for himself, and Sophie is such a strong sucker, she doesn’t even need hands!

IMG_1157 IMG_1158


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