Nana and Grumples

Nana and Grumples came to visit today.


Grumples say hello to  Henry



See what a happy little camper Henry was?







Notice anything different about him?





No? Try this close-up:










Did you figure it out yet? No CPAP! And look how much he seems to be enjoying the freedom. Even in his sleep! They began cycling Henry on and off CPAP for six hours at a time on Friday at 11:30am. As of 9:30 last night, Henry was doing so well on his own, that they were going to let him shoot for the 24-hour goal. We’ll see!




Henry’s also been working on finding his thumb. He loves having those hands in his face!


Will says he gets this from me. Grumples agrees. Can we take a poll? Do I really talk with my hands in front of my face? Awkward.

As for Sophie…


I don’t know who she gets this face from.


But that smile? I’ll take it 🙂


Feeding – It’s Hard Work!

If you really want to get to know Sophie’s personality, you should watch her faces while she feeds.


She looks perfectly content and coordinated here, but she’s not fooling me. About halfway through this bottle (most bottles, really),  Sophie likely clenched her jaw, stuck out her lower lip and full-on POUTED refusing to let it back in. Lest you think this was just something she tried with Mom and Dad, I’ve seen her do it to the speech therapist and to some of her nurses as well. Sometimes, we give up, Sophie wins–yikes! She is getting her way with that pouty lip already!–and she takes the rest of the feed by gavage (the feeding tube). Sometimes, we fight back end eventually get her to take the whole bottle. Other times (midnight yesterday) she gulps it all up in five minutes flat. In any event, her expressions are priceless. She had the speech therapist and her nurse in stitches the other day. We are all equal parts amused and terrified. Who is running the show here?

Will is learning to bottle feed the babies as well, also with varying degrees of success. Right now, feeding (even by bottle) requires uninterrupted attention from both parties, since mastering the suck, swallow, breathe sequence is proving difficult. Remember that these little munchkins are, in theory, still supposed to be hanging out inside the womb for another four and half weeks! Jack is in the lead in terms of bottle feeds, but even he can be stubborn when he’s tired. After bath time? Forget about it! It is pretty hard to bottle feed a sleeping baby.

IMG_1185 IMG_1186Exhausted post-bottle.

Physical Therapy

Speaking of tired, Jack can often be found yawning (silently, for now). If you have ever been in the presence of a Gillespie yawn, you know that these wide open mouths will begin to emit a long, loud sound during the yawn, not unlike a whale call, or so I imagine. Few of you readers will appreciate this reference since I, like most of the other Gillespies I know, have learned not to let my yawn out in public. If these kiddos start making sounds when they yawn, there will be no doubt that they learned it from me.

IMG_0091 IMG_0092 IMG_0093 IMG_0094 IMG_0095 IMG_0096

That’s Jack there working on picking his head up (avoiding “head lag” when he is pulled up to sitting) and on bringing everything to his midline. He’s doing pretty well! When Lisa flipped him over for “tummy time,” Jack was unfazed, relishing the opportunity to lie on his belly with no intention of trying to push himself up or roll over. Oh well. He’s working on it! If you haven’t already, you should zoom in on some of these photos. Jack’s faces are hilarious too.


Here we have Henry getting an infant massage. We should all be so lucky!

Bath Time — More Happy Faces!

IMG_1169  IMG_1168 IMG_1161

Please don’t feel Jack was neglected. He gets his nightly bath too, but because he’s first on the docket for feeding, he’s up first for bath time as well. With the change of shift from 6:30 – 7:30, we usually miss his bath since he needs to be ready to eat by 8. We’ll have plenty of time for baths with Jack in the future, to be sure!

Bed Time

Sleeping peacefully at the end of a long day

IMG_1183IMG_1175 IMG_1176

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