Grammie and Grandad

Grammie and Grandad came to visit today. What an exciting weekend full of grandparents!


Grammie and Jack

The other exciting news is that the triplets have again been relocated. If you count my belly, this is their fifth dwelling in their very short lives, and they haven’t even made it home yet! They were moved to the “Step Down” unit which is still part of the NICU but generally one step closer to home. In this case, our trio was moved because they’re sharing their own room anyway and because they are all (fingers crossed that nothing’s changed as I write this!) breathing on their own without CPAP. This makes them good candidates for one of the step-down rooms, so here they are.


But now you have to be extra careful because they’re out of order. That’s Jack over in the left corner, but moving clockwise around the room, Sophie comes next, then Henry.

So, now we’re really just what you might call “feeders and growers.” Although these little peanuts don’t really need much help growing — Jack is 5 lbs 3 oz (probably more as I write this), Henry is 4 lbs 6 oz, and Sophie is 5 lbs even. They are getting downright chubby! So, feeing is the focus. This afternoon was not our most successful round, but to be fair, who wouldn’t want his (or her) food delivered directly into his (or her) stomach while he (or she) slept as opposed to having to stay awake and expend energy consuming it?

IMG_1190 IMG_1192 IMG_1191

Tired out after our attempts to feed.

IMG_1189 IMG_1188


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