The Nursery

So, in case you were wondering if we are ready to bring these bambinos home, we are. We’ve got their room all ready to go, and all it needs is a trio of little Strumolo munchkins to make it complete. How does one design a nursery for three babies, boys and girls? It starts with a neutral wall color (thanks Dad, Nonno, and Christophe!) and three cribs (that turn into toddler beds because we don’t want to have to do this again anytime soon, thank you very much! Thanks, Gee and Poppy!)…


Add three variations of swings/bouncers/rockers (because who knows what they will like and what happens if you are alone with the babies and need somewhere to put the other two down?) some adorable elephant curtains (thank you, Cath!) and a changing table (thanks, Bumbie!)…


and throw in some identifying markers so we (I mean you all) can tell them apart.






and…Hey! That’s not Sophie!

I know, I know. This is bad. But to be fair, this picture was taken a long time ago, and we have since been much better about catching Milo before she makes her way into the cribs. For those of you who have met Milo, you know this is not always an easy task. Please don’t judge. We are working on it. Maybe we should have gotten four cribs?

And finally…



Oh yeah, and we threw in a glider (or two — thanks Jean and Grandma!), a basket to hold the dozens of toys these babies already have, an ADORABLE clock (thanks Aunt Jen and Uncle Pete!) and a lovely green lamp (thanks, Aunt Connie)! Clearly, it takes a village to create the nursery.* And that’s before we’ve even begun to raise the children! Now, just imagine these peanuts all snuggled in their cribs.


Can you believe that guy on the left? Those cheeks? That’s Henry! And, because I couldn’t resist:


There was a little girl who had a little curl, right in the middle of her (fore)head…


Get ready! When these babies come home we are going to be calling on you (yes, all of you!) to help snuggle and swaddle (and feed and diaper) them. But who wouldn’t want to snuggle and swaddle (ahem, and feed, ahem, and diaper…who said that?) these adorable little babes?

*If I haven’t thanked you here for something adorable pictured here and gifted by you, we haven’t forgotten! The list was just getting pretty long. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful, supportive, and generous friends and family members!


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