The Waiting Game

I know, I know, I’m late with this post. And to those of you (all 49 of you!) who have already checked the blog this morning and found nothing new, I’m sorry. But you may have to get used to it, because once these babies come home, I somehow doubt I’ll be up at 2AM writing blog posts. Note: I do not doubt that I will up at 2AM. I just am not sure I’ll be writing blog posts then.

Anyway, it’s getting harder and harder to post because we really are just playing the waiting game right now. Each day that passes now without bring Henry, Jack, and Sophie home gets a little bit harder to take. And I feel like a bit of a broken record player on this blog! Our photos haven’t changed much since the routine at the NICU is pretty solidified at this point, and when you’re feeding three babies by yourself, who has time to play photographer?

Luckily, I’m not always feeding three babies by myself. There are, of course, the nurses, who still feed the trips more than I do, or at least as often as I do depending on their shifts. And Will is often in charge of the 8pm feedings, when he too is sometimes flying solo. On weekends we have the benefit of two or even three sets of hands, making feeding a breeze! Yesterday, for example, Nana came to visit, so at 11:00, Will was on Jack duty, Nana was on deck to feed Henry at 11:30, and I was in the dugout with Sophie. Everyone was changed, fed, burped, and back asleep by 12:30. Well, Sophie wasn’t asleep. In fact, she didn’t go back to sleep until 2:30, and the nurses joked that she just likes to “hang out,”  but she was quiet enough about it.

Here she is, “hanging out” and munching on her hand, looking for her thumb:

IMG_0112 IMG_0113

And here she is finally asleep hours later


Nana must have the magic touch, because Henry had no trouble sleeping


Jack was still working on his pacifier practice long after his 3pm feed had finished

IMG_0117 [wpvideodyHI7BOJ]


3 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. Wow – I hadn’t checked in for a while – what amazing progress!!! They all look tremendous and Sophie really looks like a girl which is not always the case so young! The room at home looks wonderful and I can imaging how much you want to fill it 🙂
    I do want to be on duty when they come home so I’ll be sure to let you know when i’m in town!!
    Lastly, Finn shared his moses basket with our dog Petal for 6 months (until he moved into a crib). She, unlike your cat, was on the streets every day! When Finn finally got sick for the first time (at 1 3/4) my amazing pediatrician swore to me that he had a great immune system BECAUSE of the fact that he had been exposed to so much from the dog – so take it easy on kitty 🙂
    ADVANCED MATH???? 🙂 (kidding)
    Christina G

    • I have heard that having cats helps protect against allergies and other illnesses in kids. It is not the illnesses I am worried about…I am worried she might scratch their eyes out! We love her, but she’s not the nicest of kitties. Just ask Ms. Wainwright 🙂

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