Almost Home

So far we’re still on schedule for tomorrow’s homecoming. I am beyond excited. It’s a little bit like the night before Christmas (or your birthday, or whatever wonderful holidays you and yours celebrate) when you’re little. And we already know what our present is going to be: getting to spend the rest of our lives with these adorable little creatures!

IMG_0134 IMG_1228 IMG_1212









Some of you have been there every step of the way. Some of you have just joined us on this journey in the last few weeks. Some of you have met our lovely little trio. Most of you have not. Tonight I thought I’d take a little trip down memory lane as we prepare to bring Henry, Jack, and Sophie home. Finally.




The beginning


That time Sophie was practicing her bicycle kicks



6 weeks in


10 weeks and looking for clothes to hide three babies at work. This dress? Fail.


12 weeks and STILL hiding it, believe it or not. Went to a Christmas party two days later with over one hundred people. Only two noticed.


Somewhere along the way I got big.


Or as my friend Jordan remarked, “HUGE.” To be fair, he said (in response to this photo): “You’re gonna be huge!”


21 weeks


22 weeks


23.5 weeks


26 weeks

And two weeks later…here we are!

IMG_0950 IMG_0991 IMG_0987

The early days:

IMG_095913820165373_b02abde49c_bIMG_0973 IMG_1067 IMG_1054 13749850924_7fb89bda40_b_2

And ready to go home. A party of five.




2 thoughts on “Almost Home

  1. H,J and S – you areLucky lucky lucky babies to have Els and Will as your
    Sophie,Jack and Henry -we can’t wait to hold you and spoil you and love you forever !
    Bumbie ,Jimmy,Caroline ,Courtney,Lorrie ,Martin and your baby cousin Walter who expects a play date this summer !!:) xoxoxo

  2. Dear W, E, H, J and S: Just logged on and so happy to hear the great news. I will miss the blog but look forward to hearing all your news from “Grammie” and can’t wait to meet my newest grand niece (actually the first one) and two grand nephews as soon as I can make it to the East Coast. Love to you all. Janie

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