After 65 days, Henry, Jack, and Sophie were finally ready to come home. They are still two and a half weeks shy of their “due date,” weighing in at around 6 pounds, give or take a few ounces.


Getting ready for discharge.

After safely securing the trips in their carseats (this required much maneuvering and the aid of several extra blankets and other props), they were ready to go. Everyone at the NICU came to give us a big send-off!


IMG_1238 IMG_1239 IMG_1240 IMG_1244

So this is what home feels like…

IMG_1245 IMG_1247 IMG_1248  IMG_1250IMG_1249

Thank you to all the NICU nurses, doctors, and other staff members who took such good care of Henry, Jack, and Sophie for the past two months. We will be forever grateful.

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. I actually have tears in my eyes….so exciting the trips are finally home with you both. Well done Eleanor on keeping such an informative blog. I look forward to meeting H,J&S this summer. Lots of love to you all. xx

  2. How amazing to see your departure and what a nice surprise to see Grammie at the end waving you to the car.

  3. I am so happy for you and Will. It is such a special feeling to be home! Congratulations. What a remarkable journey and it’s only just begun!!!

  4. What a joy to see you all go home. I can’t wait to come and see the babies. So precious. Love you guys Aunt Ellie

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