Settling In

First of all, we missed our requisite two-month photo! If you have attempted this with one infant, you may know just how difficult it is to prop them up in a “seated” position. Take that infant, subtract three months of development, and multiply by three. That’s what we were up against when we attempted this photo. Needless to say, it was a bit hurried!

IMG_1255 IMG_1256

Ok. So we survived our first night home with three infants. It wasn’t so bad! I happy to be pretty good at dealing with sleep deprivation, however, so you might have to ask Will to get a real sense of how it went. Who wants to take a guess which one of our lovely trio kept us up? You can vote for your answer in the comment section πŸ™‚

Since 4:45 am, things have run pretty smoothly. Grace, our delightful baby nurse, was here to help with four feedings throughout the day which means nobody had to sit and wait while we fed the others. We still haven’t mastered feeding two at a time, so a third set of hands is really helpful while we’re trying to establish our schedule. The most important thing? One up, three up. One feeds, three feed. One down, three down. At one point, we had FOUR on duty. How lucky are we?


Grammie and Henry

We haven’t mixed up Jack and Henry yet, but if any of you were doubting their identical-ness, come take a look in one of our cribs while they are sleeping. Swaddling them in green and blue blankets respectively is our favor to you. At one point today, Henry was in Jack’s crib (totally confusing, I know), and then later we put Jack down in Henry’s crib (playing it fast and loose, you know?) but Grace, the incredible baby nurse that she is, called us on our trick! She said, “You’ve switched them!”

One thing that’s especially fun about being home is that we can try out all our gear! Things we’ve learned:

1) We need more crib sheets. And I was considering returning some, thinking, “How in the world will we ever go through all these sheets?”

2) We need more changing pad covers. Or else changing table liners. Some of our children have not yet learned changing table etiquette.

3) We need a better plan for the moments when we can only feed two at a time. Nobody likes to be left out!

4) We really do need three bottle warmers.


5) There is no swaddle, however tight, that can keep these arms inside. Our kids like their hands in their faces!

6) I thought we had a ridiculous amount of newborn diapers. I might be wrong.

Jack had a go in the swing, and he was pretty amenable to the whole experience:

IMG_1259 IMG_1260

Umm, how cute are we?

IMG_0152Β  IMG_0149


5 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. My best guess is the hang out gal, Sophie! These pictures are adorable. Welcome home to the most beautiful babies in the world!

  2. Without a doubt, messy, adorable, sweet and social, Sophie!!
    I miss all of you and I’m so happy you’re all home and everything is going well!

  3. How right you both are! Last night she was eager for some company as well. Here’s hoping she’s had enough of our faces and is ready to just sleep it out πŸ™‚

  4. They are getting cuter by the day! I hope you guys are enjoying having them home! We all knew Sophie would be the party animal of the 3! We definitely miss all of you!!

    • We are loving it! Middle of the night feedings and all πŸ™‚ We are so glad to be home, but all five Strumolos miss their friends from the NICU. Since we’ve been home, Sophie has enjoyed an infant massage (the oil makes it so much easier!) and she almost made it through the whole thing. The stomach portion definitely helped her get things moving! Working on getting some massages in with the other two πŸ™‚

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