Messy, Stinky, and …?

What? You didn’t actually think that once I was home with three infants I’d still be posting every day, did you?

In case you were wondering, Jack and Sophie are hanging on tight to the nicknames they were granted in the NICU. Sophie, adorable though she is, is as messy as ever. Yesterday, she worked her way through no fewer than SIX outfits. All this to her brother Henry’s one. No amount of bibs or burp cloths can keep this girl clean. And Jack? Still stinky.

Henry, on the other hand, might need a new nickname. It’s not that he isn’t noisy. He definitely can be. But as it turns out, so can Jack and Sophie. And they just take turns being noisy (which we appreciate, don’t get me wrong). so we are taking nominations for Henry’s new nickname.

Follow-Up with the Doctor


This is outfit number three, by the way.

Sophie had her follow-up with Dr. Koty (the pediatric ophthalmologist) yesterday, and good news! Her blood vessel growth has regressed (which is, in this case, a good thing). Her big little eyes are back on track towards normal development at least in terms of the retinas. Given the genes she’s inherited, she just might need glasses for those big little eyes one day.

Baby Gear

One thing that’s fun about being home is that we get to try out all of our baby gear and see what everybody likes. So far, Henry has taken to the swing, Sophie to the bouncer, and Jack to the rocker (see the last post for photos). And when I say, “taken to,” I mean they fall asleep in these various contraptions and stay asleep, and we haven’t bothered to switch them up at all because, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? The MamaRoo is arguably our “coolest” baby depository, and Jack seems to like it well enough. Here he is:


Feeding is definitely easier with three sets of hands, so when Grammie and Aunt Addie came to visit, we were in luck. And of course, Henry, Jack, and Sophie were in luck because they got to spend time snuggling with some of their favorite relatives!

IMG_1299 IMG_1300


Feeding two at a time (in any fashion) is made easier with this Twin-Z pillow (Thanks, Lynsey)! It also makes for a decent baby depository right after a feed so as to minimize spit-up.


And lest you thought we’d been neglecting Harry, Ron, and Hermione, story time with “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” (my personal favorite) has commenced at home.



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