First Father’s Day!

I don’t know why this never posted on Sunday. Sorry to those of you who are beginning to think I’m slacking off on the whole blogging thing 🙂

So, this happened:


I will never tire of these photos where everybody is wriggling up against one another. I mean, it’s super-cute, right?

It has been a very eventful weekend. Yesterday, Jack’s godmother, Elizabeth, came to visit, and as you might suspect, we put her to work right away.


Today, Henry’s godfather, John, is visiting, and he too will help us convert from a zone defense to man-to-man when the next feed rolls around.


That said, we are getting pretty good at this three-at-a-time routine. It even leaves one arm free for the photo! The tricky part is the burping. Burping is really a two-handed job, so we need to coordinate things pretty nicely in order to carry on with burping one while feeding the other two. Sophie is eager to make this easier for us. She’s pretty sure she can just hold the bottle already.


IMG_1318 Getting ready for breakfast (or lunch, or dinner). With seven meals a day, who can tell?




Oh, about the nicknames. Grace (our lovely baby nurse who spent the last seven days with these munchkins) has deemed Sophie, “The Diva.” It is an apt nickname, to be sure. I recall a post when Sophie was not yet a month old in which I questioned, “Do we have a diva on our hands?” If Grace were here nights, she would see (nay, hear!) Sophie living up to that nickname to the fullest.


Henry, on the other hand, might just be the mischief-maker. I mean, look at this face.


In honor of Father’s Day we tried to let Will sleep in.

IMG_1329 IMG_1328

But who can stay asleep when he’s got these cuties to play with?




Will and Sophie high-five when the French score


Watching the World Cup

One thought on “First Father’s Day!

  1. Mighty impressive zone defense you two- especially mastering feeding and photographing three babies with only four hands between you.

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