Tummy Time!

So we’re nearing our “due date,” and I realize that I have missed two weekly milestones! Without the regular weigh-ins at the hospital, they’re not nearly as informative, I’m afraid, but I’ll get back on track next Tuesday, I promise ūüôā In the meantime, I suspect Jack is nearing 7 pounds if he hasn’t surpassed it, Henry must have hit 6 pounds by now (as is evidenced by the way he is busting out of his old clothes), and Sophie is probably somewhere in the middle. The “preemie” size are all but retired from our wardrobe, and though some of the newborn outfits are still a bit big (especially those with feet), we’re rocking them most of the time anyway.

Developmental Milestones РAdjusted Age vs. Chronological Age

As you all know, the trips have two ages at the moment. Their “adjusted age”– how old they are relative to their due date–and their “actual age”–how long they’ve been with us in the world! As of today, their adjusted age¬†is 39 weeks, 3 days. Their¬†chronological¬†age is 11 weeks, 2 days.

IMG_1910 IMG_1927 IMG_1966

When it comes to developmental milestones like smiling, pushing up and turning one’s head, we use the adjusted age to determine whether or not preemies are on track. For example, since babies develop their sucking reflex in utero at around 34-35 weeks, we expect preemies to develop it around that time too, but not before (although some do)! When it comes to some milestones, Henry, Jack and Sophie are ahead of the game (for their adjusted age, remember), because really, if they’re doing anything other than¬†responding with in-utero reflexes, they’re surpassing their adjusted age. As of today, they’re technically still supposed to be in there! All this is to say that though we’re working on tummy time in an effort to encourage pushing up and turning one’s head, we’re not terribly surprised or concerned when the trips decide they would rather take a nap then push up.

Some days, it’s just too much for Sophie.

IMG_1935 IMG_1936 IMG_1940


Other days, she nails it.


Well, at least she’s not falling asleep.

We try to entice Henry with mirrors and toys. You can’t see it here (these are still photos, after all), but I swear Henry was working on pushing up.

IMG_1973 IMG_1978IMG_1974


Sometimes, he’d rather just lay there and gaze at his adorable face in the mirror. Who wouldn’t?

IMG_1333 IMG_1334




Jack gave it a noble try, but he too, was pooped.



A different kind of tummy time

Taking turns on their tummies.

IMG_1336 IMG_1335

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