Preemie Who?

So, I still can’t tell you just how much these peanuts weigh, but despite what all my friends who have had “normal”-sized babies have said, Henry, Jack, and Sophie are getting big!

Check out those cheeks and chins (yes, plural):


When Anna Maria came to clean on Friday, she saw Sophie and said, “Oh! Gordita!” That’s “chubby” for you non-Spanish speakers.

Even still, Sophie is compact, so she still feels tiny when you pick her up. Jack, on the other hand, is our bruiser.


Can you believe he was only 2 lbs, 2.4 ounces when he was born (just under 11.5 weeks ago)?

And little Henry? Well, the pictures say it all:


He is literally busting out of his old clothes.

Stay tuned for their weights later this week. Someone will be in the seven-pound range for sure!

How are they getting so big? Lots of milk! Here they are getting ready for dinner. As you can see, Sophie is raring to go. Henry and Jack could take it or leave it, it seems.

IMG_1340 IMG_1339 IMG_1341


Being coy


The skeptic (it’s Jack!)

Other Photos from the Week: 

We managed to get out to the park once. Here’s proof that on the off chance we can get the elevator without any other passengers in it, we take up the entire thing. Well, that’s not quite true. Once, one brave soul squeezed in there with us. But often it takes two separate trips.

IMG_1332 IMG_1331

Bath time! Can you see who’s in charge of Sophie’s bath? I’ll give you a hint: those are not my manly arms!IMG_1347 IMG_2016 IMG_2034

Sophie’s favorite sleeping position (she’s not usually wearing the cape, but she is usually laid out like this). She loves her Snugabunny bouncer!


Major tummy time progress! Video pending.

IMG_2038 IMG_2044 IMG_2046 And yes, that’s Jack in the righthand corner falling asleep. His time will come.


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