The Triplets Take Southampton and Baba Comes to Visit!

Road Trip #2: Southampton Bound

This trip is slightly longer (both in travel time and in duration of stay) than our last trip, so our packing list was a bit longer. Mostly in the clothing department.


It’s a good thing their clothes are so small. They still all fit into one small duffel bag (see the bumble bee bag below). The rest of their gear is another story.


The purple bag is mine, the gray is Will’s, and the blue for the trips. Add to this two more rockers, a pack n’ play, two other carseats, two grown-ups and three wee ones, and you’ve got one minivan worth of stuff. Luckily Nana stocked up on diapers (that would be an entire extra duffel for us), wipes, two more pack n’ plays, and some other essentials. The entire pack-up took approximately two hours with, wait for it, just TWO grown-ups! Considering the trek uptown to get the car and the timing of feeding three babies and pumping, I’d say we did a pretty good job!

The last of our packing list and our most precious cargo:


Ready to go!

It turns out our two strollers fit perfectly in the back. Will found this very satisfying.











When the trips woke up yesterday morning, they were pretty excited about the trip. Especially Henry, who is working on his smile. Jack’s working on it too, but he might have his mother’s crooked smile. Sophie is rocking her mad scientist ‘do. The A/C was out and the humidity is really working for her.

Timing our departure was also a bit trickier than with the Islip trip because the trip out to Southampton is approximately 2 hours, which doesn’t leave us much of a window between feeds. We made it to Manorville (with 5 miles left in our tank) before the meltdown. Thinking you’ll be able to fit in the gas station parking lot at 11:30am on a Friday during summer in Manorville is crazy sauce. Good thing 7-Eleven sells gas.


Jack waiting patiently for his food. See his shirt? “Off to Grandma’s!












Sophie could barely contain her excitement:


We were the first to arrive on the scene in Southampton (Uncle Joe, Aunt Hartley, and Cousin Noah joined us later), and Nana and Grumples were ready to greet us. A little while later, the Wengers pulled up, and Henry, Jack, and Sophie met Uncle Joe and Cousin Noah for the first time.


Noah meeting the trips.


Feeling a bit shy!


Warming up to the “babies!”

Uncle Joe has Henry and Aunt Hartley has Jack in the photo above. So nice to have those extra sets of hands! Noah was very excited to see the babies, and he knows all about how babies like to be hugged and kissed when they’re sad. He’s working on the gentle touches, getting his practice in before his baby brother or sister joins him at the end of the year!

IMG_1490 IMG_1491 IMG_1492

Noah likes to sing songs for the babies. Here he is watching the trips roll around on what used to be his activity mat!

Later that evening, the moment we had all been waiting for finally arrived: Baba (great-grandma) came to meet Henry, Jack, and Sophie!


Sophie was up first:

IMG_1478 IMG_1477

Then Henry:

IMG_1479 IMG_1481


Baba brought presents!


Photobombed by Cousin Noah

Finally Jack:


Grumples also had a turn at holding a baby. He hasn’t seen Sophie since before she left the NICU, so they had a lot of catching up to do!




The scene from up above.






3 weeks/15 weeks


It’s a pretty common question: “How old are the babies?” If you’ve been following the blog, by now you know there isn’t really a simple answer. But for those who are wondering, we consider the trips to be 15 weeks (that’s almost 4 months!) as we will always celebrate their birthday on April 2nd. We will continue to adjust their age for developmental milestones and when relevant (with doctors, caregivers, etc.) we will remember to consider them three months younger than they really are. So however old you consider them to be, here’s what they are doing now.



Weight: 8 lbs, 14.5 oz

Length: 22.2 in

Head Size: 15.5 in

Eating: 3 oz at a time (most days)

Wearing: 0-3 month clothes

Longest sleeping stretch: 7 hours! That was a wonderful night 🙂

Favorite color: Green. Just kidding. But that’s the color we’ve given him if ever there’s an option, so we hope he likes it!

Favorite baby depository: The Fisher Price Rock ‘N Play Bassinet

Milestones reached: 

  • holds head up when supported in a seated position
  • brings hands to mouth



Weight: 8 lbs, 9 oz

Height: 21.5 in

Head Size: 16 in (yes, it’s bigger than Jack’s, so big, in fact, that it’s off the chart percentile-wise)

Eating: 3 oz at a time, sometimes a bit more!

Wearing: Newborns and 0-3 month sizes. Will says I’m squeezing him into the newborn clothes. They’re just so darn cute!

Longest Sleeping Stretch: 6 1/2 hours (not on the same night as Jack’s 7, but that would be too easy!)

Favorite Color: Blue. The outfit above posed a bit of a problem. It’s turquoise, so is that blue or green? But then it has matching blue pants. The other outfit like it is yellow, so that didn’t make for any easy decision either. We also have two of those little whale onesies. So sometimes you’ll see Henry in it, sometimes you’ll see Jack in it, depending on who is getting them dressed. But soon you won’t see anybody in it, because they are both getting too big!!

Favorite Baby Depository: Fisher Price Cradle ‘N Swing

Milestones Reached: 

  • holds head up when supported in a seated position
  • tracks objects with his eyes when they move through his line of vision
  • pushes up when placed on tummy (sometimes)
  • brings hands to mouth



Weight: 8 lbs, 2 oz

Height: 21.04 in

Head Size: 14.4 in

Eating: 2.5 – 3 oz at a time

Wearing: Newborn clothes. And when Will is in charge, 0-3 months.

Longest Sleeping Stretch: 5 1/2 hours. Last night. Beginning at 7:45 pm. Without “coming to dinner.” Only took three tries. And it was glorious.

Favorite color: Pink. Obviously.

Favorite baby depository: Fisher Price Bouncer. I swear I am not being paid to advertise for Fisher Price.

Milestones Reached:

  • holds head up when supported in a seated position
  • tracks objects with her eyes when they move through her line of vision
  • moves head and eyes towards the direction of a sound being made
  • pushes up when placed on tummy and turns head side to side
  • focuses on faces, patterns, colors, shadows
  • brings hands to mouth
  • smiles*
  • retinas are fully developed and completely normal (this happened a couple of weeks ago, and I forgot to mention it)

*There has been some debate about this one, but we’re pretty sure she’s really smiling, not just passing gas! She smiles after focusing on a familiar face for a moment (smile of recognition), and when you shake a rattle at her (smile of enjoyment? or fear?)

We have all surpassed the 8-lb mark! Only one more pound until they match their mother’s birth weight. Yes, I was over 9 lbs when I was born.

Other Developments: 

Jack learned how to cry yesterday. That’s not to say he didn’t ever cry before. He did. But it used to be this little whimper of a cry, until yesterday. He must have been taking lessons from his brother and sister, because all of a sudden, our mellow fellow is not so, well, mellow. He’s learned to open up that mouth and let it out. He’s still a bit more patient than his brother and sister, but now we can no longer tell Jack and Henry apart from the sound of their cries. Henry is more likely to go on and on than Jack is, and there are some sounds Henry makes that only Henry could make. But if you’re in the other room and someone lets out a wail from the nursery, it’s a little less obvious which boy is causing a ruckus. It is still quite clear when it is Sophie.


Mobiles! Now that the trips are looking around and focusing on things (some more than others!), we’ve got their mobiles up in their cribs, and it is amazing to see them transfixed. It’s also a helpful way to keep them occupied while folding laundry or while tending to one of them. The more they focus, the more they enjoy the mobiles, so it’s not surprising that Sophie likes hers best at the moment.

Vivaldi’s “Spring” — Grumples would be so proud!

Another series of photos from the Fourth. Can you tell who is who? 14411938430_8603bc4547_z 14412161487_ee217710c7_z 14412157127_5fac87b420_z

Road Trippin’

So, how did we get from Manhattan to Islip last Friday? Well, it required

  • Five adults:

IMG_1446 IMG_1443 IMG_1405 IMG_1406 IMG_1091

  • One minivan:


  • Three car seats

I know there are only two car seats pictured here! Sophie didn’t fit on the coffee table 🙂

  • Two diaper bags
  • Three totes
  • Three “weekend” bags and
  • A very strategically timed departure

Given that the trip from NYC to Islip is only just over an hour, we lucked out on the last one. We were able to feed the trio, strap ’em in their carseats, get them down to the car and out to Islip just in time for the next feed.

A few explanations. Why did we need five adults, you ask? Well, truth be told, we might have been able to get away with fewer (although Auntie Jen is sure we were all necessary). The biggest challenge is getting the babies down from our 15th floor apartment and into the car on the street. This is actually a common question from other moms of multiples: “How do you get them all into the car?” The dilemma is that you obviously can’t leave babies unattended in the car or in the apartment, but you can’t leave the car unattended on the street either (at least not in NYC), and you can’t carry three babies in carseats at one time. So, suddenly you need three people. If you lived in a suburb, you could get away with two people for this portion.


We did end up with a free car wash while we were waiting to load. Thanks, John!

Now, in addition to getting the babies in the car, we had to get all of their stuff in the car (I will provide a packing list later for those who really want to know). This is a similar dilemma to the baby problem above. Can’t leave the car unattended, can’t leave the babies unattended, but need to cart all the gear down to the car. We also needed to retrieve the car (we park it 45 blocks north), and this had to happen while we were feeding babies, so you really need someone to get the car and two people to feed the babies. Having three aunties and uncles helped ensure that the feeding went faster (three at a time), that the adults had breakfast eventually (bagels to go!) and that we didn’t forget to pack anything last minute (the monitors and sound machine, for example, which we had to pack last minute because we used them overnight).


The practice run on Thursday afternoon. Feeding is so much more efficient when Auntie Jen comes to visit!



Getting down to business before packing up our most precious cargo — the trips!

So five adults later, we were all packed in the cars (it helps to have three adults in the minivan to keep an eye on the munchkins in the back at this point), and on our way. I am lame and didn’t take photos. Sorry.

If you are interested (perhaps you have triplets of your own, or you are just really curious), here is our packing list for the weekend. It is long, so if you don’t care, just scroll to the bottom for more pictures. It is ridiculous, I know. Traveling with triplets is like being part of a three-ring circus. And wouldn’t you know that not more than one hour had passed since we arrived in Islip that Will decided we needed a few things at Babies ‘R Us.

Packing List:

  • 20 bottles/caps/nipples (this may seem excessive, but unless you want to wash and dry bottles at 2AM, you need extra. Add to that the bottles with extra milk in the fridge, and the fact that it takes a while to air dry bottles, and we came up with no fewer than 20 bottles).
  • bottle brush
  • hospital grade pump and four sets of accessories
  • vitamins, etc.
  • baby shampoo/lotion
  • three hooded towels/washcloths
  • 80 diapers
  • package of wipes
  • thermometer/nose sucker/nail clippers
  • 18 onesies
  • 6 pairs of pants
  • 9 nighties
  • 6 swaddle sacks
  • 6 swaddle blankets
  • 6 burp cloths
  • 18 bibs
  • three caps
  • three sunhats
  • two infant carriers
  • one Fold N’ Go Rocker
  • one Puj tub
  • one Pack ‘N Play with two sets of sheets

I think that’s it…

Yes, we used everything we brought. And when it comes to the things we “skimped” on (strollers, rockers, travel cribs), we either needed to make a run to Babies ‘R Us, or thank Grammie for bringing her travel crib. Here we are settling in (for two whole days) at Aunt Linden and Uncle Scott’s. It’s also worth noting that the five of us had an entire wing to ourselves, including a master bedroom, a double bedroom, and one and a half bathrooms. So if you’re planning on inviting us over anytime soon, be prepared!

Here we are taking a bath. The Puj tub worked better in this sink than any of ours at home, and it is certainly easy to travel with!



All lined up in our rockers.

Note: we arrived in Islip with one rocker. We left with three. Good thing there’s a Babies ‘R Us right down the road!

A little action shot from the 4th of July. No comment.


Because they have mostly been cooped up in the NICU and then our apartment (these babies were supposed to be in the womb until two weeks ago, let’s not forget), they haven’t seen much sun. It is obviously important to protect their delicate skin and eyes from the harsh rays, so we were grateful they already had their sunhats! Sometimes they even had to wear them inside because it was just too bright!


The diva, posing.


Strumolo Family Photo! Not sure this is Christmas card material, but what a treat to have everyone together! Maybe it’s just me and my pale face that don’t see this as Christmas card material…Note the triplets’ closed eyes though. They weren’t all sleeping. It was just too bright!

A little afternoon stroll…


Three babies? No problem!

Note: We decided NOT to bring the strollers to Islip. Yes, this means we went out and bought a Snap ‘N Go from Babies ‘R Us. I will admit that it is SUPER easy and extremely portable. Not to mention it has a much better turning radius than our giant Chicco!

Sophie takes a turn in the Boba:


Time for bed again!


Where’s Sophie? You guessed it. In the dining room.

So many helping hands




Those are some snuggly babies!






Uncle Peter was a baby-holding machine!



So happy with Uncle Peter!


Auntie Jen was all over it too!


Woah, chub!


Back at home on July 6th, and once again, Sophie is coming to dinner.


What a wonderful weekend! Getting ready to do it all over again next weekend for our first trip to Southampton. This time we plan to tackle the trip with just two adults. Wish us luck!