Happy Fourth of July!

This Fourth of July weekend included a lot of firsts, including our first road trip! More on that later. For now, check out the trips in their Fourth of July outfits (Thanks, Aunt Linden)!


Family Photo!

On the porch at Linden and Scott’s in Islip. Like so many Fourth of Julys that came before. And yet, so different this year!IMG_1429 IMG_1433

18 people for dinner, and of course, Sophie wants to be part of the party. The boys are happy to share their Pack ‘N Play and let the grown-ups eat, but not miss diva! In the nice, calm, dark bedroom with her noise machine, her picture projector, and her brothers, Sophie made it known she was not interested in being left out of the fun. As soon as she made it into the dining room, the snooze was on. This is the fifth night running she’s insisted on hanging out with the grown-ups for dinner. This does not bode well!


See our little friend in the top left corner?


Notice that she is sleeping happily. Nevermind all the lights and noise!


Snuggling up in the bedroom while Sophie snoozes with the grown-ups.


Look at how little I am in my travel crib! Why would I want to sleep alone in here?

The best part about the weekend? So many aunts and uncles (and great-aunts, and great-uncles, and cousins, and friends) to snuggle with! Each trip spent some time with his or her Strumolo godparent. Meeting them all for the first time!


Henry and his godmother, Aunt Lizzie, in matching outfits! Meeting for the first time!


Sophie and godfather, Uncle Peter. Fast friends!


Jack and godfather, Uncle Andrew. Notice that Andrew is already multi-tasking.


We’re looking forward to many more visits and summers in Islip to come!

5 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July!

  1. What nice pictures! I am looking forward to finding out how you transferred all your gear from point A to B.

    • Yes! That’s where Will’s grandparents have a house. His aunt and uncle share the property. I guess they’re on South Saxon Lane, technically. I’m not sure if there is a separate Saxon Lane.

  2. Ok, so who is the Havemeyer? Will? My grandparents, frank and Margaret Riggio lived in the Tudor house that is next to the Havemeyer property. We sold it after they died in 1989 and the loser who bought it put up a huge and tacky gate with lions and removed the stables, orchard and windmill, very sad! I grew up spending part of my summer in that house! My father and his sisters refuse to ever go down the street. I think they left the house, but I’m not sure. Small world!

    • Wow! It IS a small world! Will’s mom is a Havemeyer. His grandparents on her side live there, and his aunt and uncle share the property. We spend every Fourth of July and Thanksgiving there with an abundance of Havemeyers! That is quite some property next door. I agree about the gate!

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