Our First Friend — Pippa Comes to Visit!

In another life, I was a marathon runner. I’m not sure I can really call myself this since I only ended up running one marathon, but I was ready to run my second before Hurricane Sandy hit, and there was a time when a 6-miler morning run was an “easy” run for me. I have run twice since September. Probably at an 11-minute mile clip (I’m being generous), and I only made it a mile and a half. And I hurt my ankle and haven’t been able to run since. It’s a sad state of affairs for this former marathon runner! Perhaps the saddest part is that my running buddy, Joanna, has traded in the hustle and bustle of NYC for the gorgeous beaches of California, so I’m usually running solo now. Well, Joanna and her adorable daughter, Pippa, came to visit a couple of weeks ago! She and Jack were fast friends. Just like their mommas!


Other developments:

In the nursery:


Our Peter Pan decal. For those of you who know us well, you know Peter Pan has a special place in our hearts. Two of our favorite lullabies are “Never Never Land” and “Tender Shepherd”–we’re hoping Henry, Jack, and Sophie will eventually take this over a la Wendy, Michael, and John. And yes, we noticed the typos. We’re working on fixing those!


Our Family Tree courtesy of Margie Thorne.

On the baby gear front:


Will trying out Jack in the Ergo Baby Carrier now that he’s big enough to fit in it! (Jack, not Will).

With the trips:


Henry’s mastering holding onto the pacifier.


Jack’s opting for the thumb.


Sophie still loves her bath (and her hands in her face).

Getting out and about: 


Our second trip to the park. This time we made it all the way up to the Great Lawn, around and back! Just in time for the next feed 🙂


Finally, everyone’s napping at the same time! Except for Will, that is. He was doing laundry. Somebody’s gotta do it!


One thought on “Our First Friend — Pippa Comes to Visit!

  1. Hi y’all. Lee and I have been following your posts while driving across country…I love the nickname ‘trips’ and all their individual nicknames. It looks like it is going along very well and they are all so big. What wonderful blessings! Can’t wait to see them!!!!

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