The Triplets Take Southampton and Baba Comes to Visit!

Road Trip #2: Southampton Bound

This trip is slightly longer (both in travel time and in duration of stay) than our last trip, so our packing list was a bit longer. Mostly in the clothing department.


It’s a good thing their clothes are so small. They still all fit into one small duffel bag (see the bumble bee bag below). The rest of their gear is another story.


The purple bag is mine, the gray is Will’s, and the blue for the trips. Add to this two more rockers, a pack n’ play, two other carseats, two grown-ups and three wee ones, and you’ve got one minivan worth of stuff. Luckily Nana stocked up on diapers (that would be an entire extra duffel for us), wipes, two more pack n’ plays, and some other essentials. The entire pack-up took approximately two hours with, wait for it, just TWO grown-ups! Considering the trek uptown to get the car and the timing of feeding three babies and pumping, I’d say we did a pretty good job!

The last of our packing list and our most precious cargo:


Ready to go!

It turns out our two strollers fit perfectly in the back. Will found this very satisfying.











When the trips woke up yesterday morning, they were pretty excited about the trip. Especially Henry, who is working on his smile. Jack’s working on it too, but he might have his mother’s crooked smile. Sophie is rocking her mad scientist ‘do. The A/C was out and the humidity is really working for her.

Timing our departure was also a bit trickier than with the Islip trip because the trip out to Southampton is approximately 2 hours, which doesn’t leave us much of a window between feeds. We made it to Manorville (with 5 miles left in our tank) before the meltdown. Thinking you’ll be able to fit in the gas station parking lot at 11:30am on a Friday during summer in Manorville is crazy sauce. Good thing 7-Eleven sells gas.


Jack waiting patiently for his food. See his shirt? “Off to Grandma’s!












Sophie could barely contain her excitement:


We were the first to arrive on the scene in Southampton (Uncle Joe, Aunt Hartley, and Cousin Noah joined us later), and Nana and Grumples were ready to greet us. A little while later, the Wengers pulled up, and Henry, Jack, and Sophie met Uncle Joe and Cousin Noah for the first time.


Noah meeting the trips.


Feeling a bit shy!


Warming up to the “babies!”

Uncle Joe has Henry and Aunt Hartley has Jack in the photo above. So nice to have those extra sets of hands! Noah was very excited to see the babies, and he knows all about how babies like to be hugged and kissed when they’re sad. He’s working on the gentle touches, getting his practice in before his baby brother or sister joins him at the end of the year!

IMG_1490 IMG_1491 IMG_1492

Noah likes to sing songs for the babies. Here he is watching the trips roll around on what used to be his activity mat!

Later that evening, the moment we had all been waiting for finally arrived: Baba (great-grandma) came to meet Henry, Jack, and Sophie!


Sophie was up first:

IMG_1478 IMG_1477

Then Henry:

IMG_1479 IMG_1481


Baba brought presents!


Photobombed by Cousin Noah

Finally Jack:


Grumples also had a turn at holding a baby. He hasn’t seen Sophie since before she left the NICU, so they had a lot of catching up to do!




The scene from up above.






2 thoughts on “The Triplets Take Southampton and Baba Comes to Visit!

  1. You guys are amazing! I am SO loving your updates and wish I lived closer to help you out! I am a cousin- My father was Harry Havemeyer Webb, son of Electra and James Watson Webb. My first cousin ( and Godmother!!!) is Dundeen Catlin and it was she that shared your most wonderful blog shortly after the trips were born!

    Just adore reading these updates!!!!! Need anything from Shelburne????!!!! Just wait until they are ready for a road trip! Shelburne Museum, Shelburne Farms and if course, Ben&Jerrys……and beer and wine festivals for parents!

    All best-



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