We Made it to the Beach! And to the E.R….

This post will be brief, due in part to the fact that I have three sick babies, and in part to the fact that it hurts to type. It appears that I too have contracted whatever virus this is. But for those of you wondering how our trip to the beach went and wondering why it’s taken so long for this post, here’s a brief update. It was a busy week with lots to blog about, so you can expect more detailed posts once the Strumolos are well.

Things We Did on Our First Trip to Southampton

  • Met Baba (our great-grandma)
  • Went to the Beach Club for dinner
  • Celebrated Baba’s birthday (sans trips–sick at home!)
  • Met Cousin Noah and Uncle Joe
  • Went for a couple of 3-mile walks around the lake
  • Taught Grumples how to feed a baby (if not to burp him)
  • Wore our sunhats
  • Outgrew our sunhats
  • Got our first “hoodies”
  • Met Dorothy (my parents’ dog)
  • Played soccer
  • Visited the Southampton Hospital Emergency Room
  • Registered as patients at Southampton Pediatrics

The short(ish) version:

Henry started being really fussy on Wednesday afternoon, and we thought, “Oh darn, his lungs are developing.” Henry fussed all night long on Wednesday while I was flying solo (well, sort of. More on that later). I thought, “So this is what it’s like to 1) share a room with the triplets and 2) be in charge of all three at once. By Thursday morning, he’d developed a rash, and by noon, he had a fever of 101.8. Off to Urgent Care we went, but they didn’t really want to get involved with a baby so small. So, we landed in the ER for a fever work-up. Six and a half hours, five needle sticks, one chest x-ray, and one round of IV antibiotics later, they sent us home. On Friday morning (after another sleepless night, although this time Daddy (Will) was home to help) we followed up with a pediatrician in Southampton. The fever was up to 102.2, the rash was back, and boy, was Henry sad. Another dose of antibiotics, and home we went. My fever started on Friday, and then the dominos started to fall. We are back in the city now, and Will is the only one still in the clear (fingers crossed)! We sent Aunt Hartley home to Virginia feeling miserable, so we’re feeling pretty guilty on top of it all! Here are a few photos recounting the last few days.


H, being a trooper in the ER despite the IV, the blood cultures, the chest x-ray, and feeling pretty miserable. Please excuse the sun hat. We were ill-prepared for the freezing temps of the hospital.


Sophie sending H a kiss while he was in the hospital.


Henry post-pediatrician and second round of antibiotics.


A Scooby-Doo bandaid for his war wound.

Proof that we made it to the beach:


With and without the trips! Thanks, Nana, Aunt Hartley, and Uncle Joe!


2 thoughts on “We Made it to the Beach! And to the E.R….

  1. I concur with Cath. When your babies are really sick, even if they are 14 years old (that’s the last time Julia was really sick), everyone is miserable. Hope you all feel better soon!

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