Our Trip to the Beach

I am finally feeling better, so here’s a look at what went down when we went east.

Sophie and Henry enjoying their new WubbaNubs. Thanks, Aunt Hartley, Uncle Joe, and Noah! (Jack’s not so sure how he feels about his yet).

 IMG_0247 IMG_0244

But Jack DOES know that he likes my sunglasses.


Just chillin’

Spending Time with Family

Grumples and Henry. What a pair!

 IMG_0238 IMG_0239

Cousin Noah likes to comfort his cousins by bringing them their binkies, putting a blanket on their laps and rubbing their bellies.

IMG_0240 IMG_1498 He also likes to play soccer…


and to play with his race track and his trains…

IMG_1520 IMG_1519

And his little cousins love to play along! See that little head poking out of my Boba carrier?

Uncle Joe can wield a popsicle in one hand and a baby in the other. Don’t worry, Grumples. He didn’t spill either one on the carpet.


Our Digs at Nana and Grumples’


Does this sight look familiar?




Hanging out in the backyard. Rain or shine! With Will in our new “performance” Ergo carrier–much manlier, don’t you think?


Our “sleeping” (I use that word lightly) arrangements once we decided to move in with the trips.



Little girl in a big bed!      

Around the Town

A beautiful day for a walk around the lake.

IMG_0242 IMG_0243


Looking pretty cool in our hoodies. Thanks, Nana! After searching high and low in Southampton, the best we could come up with was either an $80 sweater hoodie or a Southampton logo sweatshirt two sizes too big.  Good thing the Carter’s outlet isn’t too far!



General adorableness: 


Being cheeky, of course.

Until next time!   

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