Doctor’s Visits and other 4-Month-Old Fun

The boys earned themselves a “negative” (or clean) bill of cardio health at the cardiologist’s this past week. They were so good! Here they are getting hooked up for the initial scan.












Sophie, in the meantime, was just working on sitting and smiling.

On Thursday, it was off to the pediatrician for our 4-month check-up and second round of vaccines. Have I mentioned that our pediatrician’s office does not have a ramp?


Accidental almost hand holding

We’ve been interviewing nanny candidates lately–yes, there are people out there who are willing (excited, even!) to take care of three babies at once! Babies that are not their own children! Anyway, one thing they always mention is that they’re willing to help us get to doctor’s appointments. There’s a lot of talk about twin moms who needed their nannies’ help to get the twins to the doctor. I kept thinking to myself (even out loud to Will sometimes) “Why would you need a second person for just two babies?” Well, enter vaccines. Ann met us at the pediatrician’s on Thursday morning, and boy was it helpful to have a one-to-one adult-to-baby ratio when it came time to stick each baby with three needles. How can you soothe the baby whose just been stuck while holding down the other one’s arms? All you twin mothers out there, I apologize for judging you. You are right to bring the nanny.



We all passed with flying colors at the doctor’s. Again, we talked about the fuzziness of developmental milestones when it comes to preemies. Our three are six and a half weeks past their due date now, but they are four months old. So, we need to consider what the 1-month milestones are and what the 4-month milestones are and expect and hope that our trio falls somewhere in between. It’s not an exact timetable (this is extremely difficult for me and my Type A personality), but these are the things the doctor noted:

  • The boys CAN turn their heads to the left, they just prefer not to. Nothing to worry about.
  • The three of them CAN hold their heads up for quite some time, the boys would just rather rest on their bellies than lift up their heads. Not worried.
  • Sophie’s skin problems (I’ve sort of been avoiding posting photos of it because it’s a bit rough to look at) are normal, probably cradle cap, if a little more widespread than most. Aquaphor should help.
  • The boys ARE sort of smiling (the doctor said it not me!), it’s just not quite the wide grin Sophie’s got going.
  • It doesn’t matter how much they are eating because they look fat (well, chubby) and happy. Easy for the doctor to say. He doesn’t have to throw away pumped milk when Sophie falls asleep mid-feed or Jack decides he doesn’t like the taste of frozen (which is always).
  • Nobody’s head is too flat, and even though Sophie has a huge bald spot on the back of her somewhat flattened head, “at least she’s symmetrical.”
  • The fact that they’re sticking their tongues out like crazy people is nothing to worry about. The doctor is convinced they just think it’s funny!

I think that pretty much sums it up. So we’re working on tummy time and smiles at the Strumolo household and we are still in search of a nanny who might be our third set of hands when we go to the doctor.


Two little bums in the air while the boys are working away on their tummies.


An attempt at using the Tortle to get Henry to turn to the right. It did not last long. I keep forgetting that his body is sub-four-month-old size, but his head isn’t!


Here’s that half smile.


Other fun:


J in the bubble bath


Cousin Lucie comes to visit!


Henry gets a story. He is clearly not as interested as sister Sophie. Oh well!

One thought on “Doctor’s Visits and other 4-Month-Old Fun

  1. As always, it’s a joy and a treat to read your posts. I’m so sorry they were sick, I love the smiles and everything else. Thank you for taking precious time to share your life with the trio! I just want to reach through the screen & hug them! 😎

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