Over the River and Through the Woods – Our First Trip to Norfolk

Road Trippin’ Round Three

This month’s road trip began with a visit to Grammie and Nonno’s in Norfolk.


When we first arrived, Sophie went on an absolute tear and wouldn’t stop crying. That’s one way to wear out your welcome rather quickly! Perhaps the country air was just too much for her? Here’s the drama queen, feeling pooped after a good long cry.


Once we got that out of our system, we were happy as clams. It’s a bit chillier in Norfolk than in NYC, so the boys got to try out their blue jeans.


Our little Greasers


Little boy in a big chair


Jack’s model shot


Why can’t all jeans have elastic waist bands like these?

We’d forgotten one of our travel cribs in Manhattan, so we played around with sleeping arrangments. IMG_1592

Just kidding.

But we really did forget one of our travel cribs. We tried to have the boys share their Pack ‘N Play, but they were knocking heads within minutes.

We improvised with a bassinet for Sophie the first night, and a Portacrib (from the attic) for the next two.


Sophie is a big fan of Jacque the Peacock

She’s also working hard at using her hands to keep that pacifier in her mouth.

IMG_1595 IMG_1596

Will took some time to spruce up the “new” triple stroller (thank you, Craigslist), and Sophie was the first to test out our infant inserts.


Later, we took the stroller out for its maiden voyage. It was a short trip, but everybody seemed pretty satisfied. Most of all the adults who have just decreased the adult-to-baby ratio necessary for travel from 2 : 3 to 1 : 3.



Grammie and Aunt Lizzie jumped in for playtime.


On Wednesday, the trips met another great grandmother: Grandma Strumolo. If you look closely at the group shot, you might notice that Jack (in the middle with Grandma) is the only one who is content. Have we met the Baby Whisperer in Grandma Strumolo?

IMG_1615IMG_1616 IMG_1618 IMG_1623   IMG_1617

On Wednesday night, Will missed his soccer team’s play-off game in NYC. Luckily, the trio showed off their team spirit in support. Those are onesies with the team’s name (Victorious Secret) on them. Just like dad!


Wednesday night also brought along all of Grammie’s Norfolk friends and a delicious potluck dinner. After such an exciting day, the boys must have been exhausted because they slept until 4:30 AM! Sophie was up for a midnight snack (naturally), but she was quickly back to sleep, and because she’s the littlest, we can’t really blame her for being hungry. Plus, she greets us with that smile of hers every time, so it’s pretty hard to stay grumpy at her.

The road trip continues with our trip from Norfolk to Southampton. This one covers a stretch of more than three hours (the typical interval between feeds) so it should be interesting!!


2 thoughts on “Over the River and Through the Woods – Our First Trip to Norfolk

  1. Have babies, will travel! Again, thanks for sharing. You & Will are amazing! I drove back & forth to Canada every month with my son. I know first hand, what goes into long road trips and you do it with 3!!! So many people with one new baby don’t venture out. Not everyone realizes the prep work & planning it entails, then the unpacking….aaaargh! AND THEN, you share it with us….AMAZING!

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