The Christening

Sounds like a Stephen King thriller, doesn’t it?

On August 15th, 2009, Will and I gathered with our friends and families at the St. Andrew’s Dune Church in Southampton and officially became “The Strumolos.”


Saturday, August 15th, 2009

2009-08-15 El and Will wedding 2596

August 15th, 2009: The groomsmen file in. I spy three godfathers and three uncles in this photo!

2009-08-15 El and Will wedding 2622

Will and I exchange rings at the altar with Reverend Peter Larsen supervising.

2009-08-15 El and Will wedding 2633

August 15th, 2009: The newest Strumolo family, all smiles post-ceremony.

Five years later, some things haven’t changed much: the church is still there and still beautiful (if a bit of a brighter shade of red), the cast of characters is largely the same, and the mood as we gathered together to celebrate family members was just as joyous as it had been half a decade ago.


Saturday, August 16th, 2014

The biggest difference? The three little ones we brought there to be baptized.


Patiently waiting while the rest of us rehearsed.


Rehearsing! Luckily, we were all fast learners.

Nana tends to the babies while we read through the service, and later, Henry gets a feel for holy water as Reverend Larsen baptized him.


Newly baptized (the babies, not the godparents)!


Andrew, Elizabeth, and Jack


John, Lizzie, and Henry


Peter, Hartley, and Sophie

The Strumolo clan, from our five-person crew to the twelve-person we very nearly are (can’t wait for the wedding in October)!



The Gillespie (Strumolo/Wenger) clan!






Gee and Poppy join the trips, Grammie, Will, and me at the altar.



When it came to naming our trio, believe it or not, but we had the names long before we knew we were having triplets! In fact, we had first names picked out long before we knew we were having even one baby, and we were just lucky enough to have agreed upon four names: two boys’ names and two girls’ names. Our luck further increased when we found out we were having two boys and one girl–no need to pick a third name in either gender! The first names–Henry, Jack, and Sophie, but you know that already–were really just chosen because we like them and we like the way they sound together. We were happy that they had some ties to our families, but it was with the middle names that we sought to make the connection to our families. As a result, Henry’s middle name (Samson) belonged to me, my grandfather before me, and my great-grandmother before him. Jack’s middle name (Waldron) belongs to Will, his grandfather before him, and many others before him, I am sure. I am also sure Grammie or Gee can fill us in on the lineage! Sophie’s middle name (Ann) is what the rest of you would call her dear Grammie :).


William Waldron Strumolo, Harry Waldron Havemeyer, and Jack Waldron Strumolo


The entire Strumolo-Havemeyer Clan. Well, not the ENTIRE clan. Just a small portion of each side of the family, really, but we look like a pretty big crew!








This cake was as delicious as it was adorable. We are still eating it three days later, but I’m not complaining!

The christening was made extra-special not only by the fact that Reverend Larsen had married us five years ago in the very same church, but also by the fact that this was one of Reverend Larsen’s last christenings at the Dune Church. We will all miss him dearly when he retires, and we are so glad we snuck our trio in before he leaves in September. Perhaps it was a good thing these babies came early!


And that’s a wrap! Thank you to all who helped us celebrate, and a special thanks to Nana who 1) babysat the triplets OVERNIGHT on Thursday so that Will and I could celebrate our anniversary, 2) organized the christening, 3) hosted the luncheon for 30+ people afterwards! A special shout-out to Godmother Elizabeth for helping with the Thursday night babysitting as well. Did I mention it was OVERNIGHT? Middle-of-the-night feeds? That goes way beyond godmotherly duties!

DSC_0655 DSC_0658

3 thoughts on “The Christening

  1. Loved seeing pictures of everyone in this post. What a happy day! Sending love from across the country to the Stumolos from the Pollaks.

  2. Such a happy day! It is true that there were many Waldrons, so many that it is best to group them by century of birth beginning with the first to settle in America, Resolved Waldron, who came from Holland in the 17th century (1654), and his son Samuel. In the 18th century there was William Waldron, John Waldron, and Victor Waldron. In the 19th century Jack’s great great great grandmother Louisine Waldron Elder (later Havemeyer) was born, and in the 20th century her grandson and Jack’s great grandfather Harry Waldron Havemeyer, and Jack’s father William Waldron Strumolo were born, and others not in Jack’s direct line, such as his great aunt Eugenie Waldron Havemeyer. Jack brings the Waldron name into the 21st century. That’s a lot of history for a little guy!
    lots of love, Grammie the Genealogist

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