Fun in the Sun : Our Second Trip to Southampton

First, this has absolutely nothing to do with our trip to Southampton, but it is worth mentioning because it was an exciting day in the Strumolo household: Henry Samson outweighed his sister AND his brother this evening. Our smallest bub is now our biggest bub! It’s no surprise with the way he wolfs down his meals. And before you get all preachy on me and scold me for encouraging competition among my offspring, just know that Henry is 11 lbs, 1.5 oz, and Jack is 10 lbs,14.5 oz. For those who don’t know their conversions, that’s a difference of three ounces. It barely counts! But it’s fun for Henry to be our biggest little guy for a while. He’s waited almost five months!


Ok, so what did the trips do in Southampton (besides become Christiansl)? 

1. Out and About 

Well, they took a few spins around the neighborhood in their Runabout Triple Stroller. It hasn’t proven quite as easy now that we’re back in Manhattan (very little about having triplets in Manhattan is easy), but the potential for one adult and three babies to get out on the town (or around the suburbs) is huge. Plus, it looks like a surrey with the fringe on top. 


Ready to go with our sun hats (barely fitting the boys) and our triple stroller!


Out and about in the neighborhood.

IMG_1678    IMG_1675


   When she can stay awake long enough to enjoy the ride, Sophie enjoys her view from the front!

Sometimes just getting ready for the walk is too exhausting. IMG_2677





There are a lot of things about being Sophie that are pretty exhausting. 



2. Fun in the Shade

Henry had some outside time in the tent. 


3. Our First Trip to East Hampton

We went to visit Nana at work and see some of my old teachers. Then it was off to Great Aunt Bumbie’s for some time by the pool.


Enjoying some playtime in East Hampton


While Will and I lunched poolside with Bumbie, the babies napped in the pool house. Next summer we’ll have to get them in the pool!



4. English Premier League Soccer

The trips cheered for Chelsea. Twice. (Sorry, Cousin Hil)!


5. School Spirit!

They also got ready for boarding school. It’s never too early!


6. Fashion Show!

Jack Modeled his Sunwear from Godmother Elizabeth. 


7. Fun with Nana and Grumples

Will and I enjoyed a few more beach lunches, a night away in Sag Harbor, and dinner and a movie, all thanks to Nana’s willingness to babysit and Grumples’s willingness to let Nana babysit. 🙂

 IMG_1664 IMG_1665         

8. The Littlest Helpers

When it was time to go, everybody lent a hand in the packing. Jack helped fold the laundry. 



Have you ever seen someone so excited about laundry?!

Sophie helped pack. 



But it was all a bit too exhausting.IMG_1689 

The trips also met some new friends (Georgina, Maya, Jessica, Emily, and Taylor, Mrs. Sykes, Mrs. Howard…the list goes on and on) and saw some old ones (Aunt Annie, Olga, and Baba). And we didn’t have to go the doctor (or the hospital or urgent care) even once! All in all, our third road trip was a success. Next up? Maryland for Jen and Peter’s wedding!


5 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun : Our Second Trip to Southampton

  1. Soooo cute! You guys are way too hound for that “Oklhoma” reference! Where were the trips christened? Nicky and Will became christened at Dune Church! It made for a convenient luncheon…..and I hesitate to ask….”go big red” for Cornell or Colgate? Hey, we are back in NY, would love to send some food your way….LMK

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