5 Months Old!

It is hard to believe these silly little peanuts are five months old! They are getting better at sitting up, but propping those big heads up without any help is hard work. Catching a photo of all three of them “sitting” is certainly easier than it used to be, but it has to happen quickly! Watch what unfolded when we attempted their 5 month photo.


Barely hanging on.


Can’t. Hold. Head. Up.


Henry’s still mugging for the camera anyway. Nevermind that he is completely squishing Jack.


Is Henry upset that he’s no longer front and center? Terrified of his rhino friend? Or simply peeved that we’re still taking pictures? The world may never know.


Round Two: It probably makes sense to have the baby with the most proportional head in the middle. Sorry, H.

It also helps to have 1) charge on your camera battery and/or 2) space on your phone.



Weight: 11 lbs

Eating: 5 oz at a time (preferably fresh)

Wearing: 0-3 month clothes, but we’re edging ever nearer to those 3-6 monthers!

Longest sleeping stretch: 11 hours, 20 minutes

A Few of His Favorite Things: Story time (especially “Giraffes Can’t Dance!” and “Winnie-the-Pooh”), watching soccer (is there a genetic component to this?), sitting up like a big boy, chatting with anyone who will listen

New milestones reached: 

  • coos and makes gurgling sounds
  • follows things with eyes and recognizes people at a distance
  • acts bored if activity doesn’t change
  • smiles, smiles, smiles!

Things we are working on: turning our head to the left, lifting our head up during tummy time

Other: For the most part, J is sleeping through the night (7pm to 5am), which you’d realize is all the more impressive if you’d ever been here to listen to Sophie wail between the hours of 5:30pm and 8:30pm! He’s working on sleeping with his arms out of the swaddle and has recently mastered getting them out of the swaddle himself. He’s not a huge fan of his pacifier, and for the most part, we’re not complaining, except when it’s 5:30pm and everyone starts to wail. He still prefers his milk fresh, and he enjoys splashing around in the bath, just not lying cold and naked on a changing table afterwards (can you blame him)? Jack’s our early riser, but when he greets us with those oohs and ahhs, we can’t be mad. His eyes are still blue, though they appear to be darkening, and we think we might see a hint of a dimple on his left cheek.




Weight: 11 lbs, 2 oz (yup, he’s the biggest)

Eating: 5 oz at a time and he doesn’t discriminate

Wearing: 0-3 month clothes, unless it has to fit over his head, and then we might be in 3-6 monthers.

Longest sleeping stretch: 11 hours, 35 minutes

A Few of His Favorite Things: His mobile, sitting up like a big boy, his hands

New milestones reached: 

  • coos and makes gurgling sounds
  • acts bored if activity doesn’t change
  • smiles, smiles, smiles (when he feels like it)

Things we are working on:  lifting our head up during tummy time, reaching for things

Other: For the most part, Henry is also sleeping through the night (7pm to 5am), which is especially impressive for the same reason that Jack sleeping through the night is especially impressive. He still likes his swing (now that he and it have been reacquainted), and he’s not a big fan of the mid-morning nap. In fact, Henry is liable to fall asleep at 8:45am, just before his 9am feed, sleep through the feed (pretty much) and then decide he’s had enough of that. Cheeky little fellow! He is still our skeptic and is equally likely to offer us a quizzical look in the morning as he is to smile at us. His eyes are just like Jack’s (are you surprised?), although he may not see quite as well at a distance yet!



Weight: 10 lbs, 5 oz

Eating: 4.5 oz at a time, unless she’s in a mood. Then, good luck!

Wearing: 0-3 month clothes

Longest sleeping stretch: 9 hours

A Few of His Favorite Things: her Bumbo, her mobile, the activity mat, people

New milestones reached: 

  • coos and makes gurgling sounds
  • acts bored if activity doesn’t change
  • follows things with eyes and recognizes people at a distance
  • smiles, smiles, smiles

Things we are working on:  sleeping through the night, sleeping during nap time, going to sleep without a fight…at least she’s consistent! She’s also working on lifting her chest up in tummy time, reaching for things, and sharing the attention with her brothers.

Other: As you might have gathered, Sophie’s not much for sleeping. At least not while everybody else is sleeping! She’s clever enough to have figured out that when the boys sleep, she gets all the attention, provided that she wakes up. So, she’s usually happy to coordinate her naps with everyone else’s awake times. That said, when she decides she wants to sleep, she SLEEPS. As in, we have to wake her up to feed because it’s the middle of the day and she’s been asleep for three and a half hours. This is not the norm, though. Also, this isn’t an official milestone, but Sophie has recently figured out how to scratch her itchy eczema. Not just hands in the face and rub ’em around scratching, but real fingers stretched, deliberate up and down scratching. It’s pretty cute, actually, just not great for her skin.



Apparently, Sophie also likes to watch soccer. We’re not sure at what point this starts counting as “screen time.” Given that there seems to be a soccer game broadcasting at every hour of every day, I’m not sure how Will is going to get all of his soccer-viewing in if these guys can’t “watch” with him.


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