Emi Comes to Visit!

Karen, proud founder of Small Kitchen Big Taste (more on that later), and mama to adorable, nearly six-month-old (wait, how did that happen?!) Emi, is my best friend. This is a blog about babies, not mamas, so I won’t bore you with the history of our friendship, but you should know it started when we sat down next to each other at academic orientation back at Georgetown, almost exactly twelve (twelve?!) years ago. The conversation went something like this:

Karen: Hi, I’m Karen.

Me: Hi, I’m Eleanor (and I’m shy and awkward and can’t believe someone is talking to me)!

A few more getting-to-know-you niceties later, and we had:

Karen: I sing.

Me: I sing too!

Two days later we were practicing our audition songs for a cappella tryouts in one of the music rooms on campus. Three days later, Will was calling to tell me, “Don’t worry, your friend Karen also made the Phantoms,” and the rest is history. If you don’t know what I mean by the Phantoms, go to YouTube and type in “Georgetown Phantoms.” They are pretty awesome.

Anyway, that’s Karen, and for some crazy, ridiculous, and silly reason (oh, I don’t know, being pregnant and then giving birth to a few babies between us) we hadn’t seen each other since Karen’s baby shower in December. Insanity. So, when Karen said she was coming to visit, we were all excited!


Karen and Sophie together at last

You should know that while I am obviously partial to my own little diva, I think Emi is just about the cutest little nugget that ever existed. She is approximately one month older than our trio, but ours were three months early, yada, yada, yada, you know the drill. In any event, she is all about the toys, so she was ready to teach our little ones a thing or two. Wait, you mean this stuff is actually here for me to touch? And grab? And gnaw on?


Emi’s teaching Sophie how this activity mat REALLY works.


Oh, hello there, camera! Should I get ready for my close up?

Emi is very nearly sitting up on her own (this was last Sunday, so perhaps she is by now!) so that was also a good lesson for the boys and their big heads.


The boys weren’t really interested in posing for the camera. Hence, the look of sheer terror and pain on Henry’s face here. Emi, you’ll notice, is perfectly content and perhaps a little confused as to why Henry insisted on causing such a ruckus.

Now, not only did Karen and Alex come with adorable Emilia in tow, but they came bearing food. Homemade food. Braised pork with apples and roasted potatoes and green beans and Cookies. These cookies deserve a capital C. Did I mention Karen is the best? So here’s what you need to know about the food. Karen is and always has been an amazing cook. In college, while the rest of us were eating Easy Mac and Tostitos, she was whipping up things in the kitchen that required the stove and more than three ingredients. I don’t think she ever even had a meal plan. Fast forward to today, and Karen is the proud founder and owner of  http://www.smallkitchen-bigtaste.com. She and her team create delicious prepared foods, cater small events in the New Haven area, and have even started their own line of baby food. Taste-tested by Emi of course. If you are in the North Haven area, or if you are just looking for a delicious–and healthy, did I mention healthy–recipe, check out the link above. You’ll thank me later as you’re biting into those sweet potato quinoa burgers or peanut butter banana breakfast muffins or whatever you come away with.

Ok, that’s my plug for SKBT.

Finally, you should know that the next generation of Phantom singers has grown by more than just these four this spring. Our friend George and his wife Melissa welcomed Elias into this world one day before the trips arrived. We had the pleasure of meeting Elias last week, and like Emi, he was showing Henry, Jack, and Sophie all the fun they have in store as they continue to grow. Sadly, we were so busy chatting (and salivating over the red velvet and chocolate cakes George brought) that we forgot to take photos. But it happened, I swear.

So we’ve got a quintet going (Emi, Elias, Henry, Jack, and Sophie), and we’re taking bets on who will be the bass. Preferably one of the boys, but hey, Emi and/or Sophie wouldn’t be the first Phantom girls to join in on the boys’ section. Sometimes the tenor parts are just more fun!



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